Pizza City, USA: 101 Reasons Why Chicago Is America's Greatest Pizza Town

PIZZA CITY, USA                                          STEVE DOLINSKY

There are few things that Chicagoans feel more passionately about than pizza. Most  have strong opinions about whether thin crust or deep-dish takes the crown, which ingredients are essential, and who makes the best pie in town.

And in Chicago, there are as many destinations for pizza as there are individual preferences. Each of the city's seventy-seven neighborhoods is home to numerous go-to spots, featuring many styles and specialties. With so many pizzerias, it would seem impossible to determine the best of the best.

Enter renowned Chicago-based food journalist Steve Dolinsky! In Pizza City, USA: 101 Reasons Why Chicago Is America's Greatest Pizza Town, Dolinsky embarks on a pizza quest, methodically testing more than a hundred different pizzas in Chicagoland. Zestfully written and thoroughly researched, Pizza City, USA is a hunger–inducing testament to Dolinsky's passion for great, unpretentious food.

This user-friendly guide is smartly organized by location, and by the varieties served by the city's proud pizzaioli–including thin, artisan, Neapolitan, deep-dish and pan, stuffed, Sicilian, Roman, and Detroit-style, as well as by-the-slice. Pizza City also includes Dolinsky's "Top 5 Pizzas" in several categories, a glossary of Chicago pizza terms, and maps and photos to steer devoted foodies and newcomers alike.


First off this is not a book with pizza recipes. It is a book about different Pizzerias and different types of pizzas in Chicago, which includes suburbs and outlining areas. I am not from Chicago but have visited when I was younger, but still, I enjoy food and I found this book to be very interesting. Having worked in an Italian piazza restaurant in Indio CA, outside of Palm Springs in the early eighties we were busy most nights but especially weekends. Like the author speaks about we made our own dough fresh and would not use it for two days, we also made our own sausage and sauce. People would come for miles to get the pizza. At the beginning of his book, the author speaks of the dough being the key to a good pizza and not that it makes a difference I agree. As for the book, I thought the author did an excellent job of going through and telling us the reader why each place made the cut. You get a picture an address and then a brief history of the pizzeria and then how the pie held up to his test and that of the person he brought along. He tried many different types and gives you the difference between the different Chicago types of pizzas. At the end, you get a list of places that did not make the cut. I will say that one place, Freddys Pizza in Cicero. Made a pizza that my father used to take me to here in California, in the 60’, 70’s it was called the mug in San Bernardino. The pizza in the book looked like the one they used to serve all the time and brought back good memories. Overall I liked the book. I received this book from I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at

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