The July Guy (The Men of Lakeside #1)

THE JULY GUY                                             NATASHA MOORE

Art professor Anita Delgado spends eleven months of the year working. July is her month to cut loose, paint, and pick a guy to make the summer memorable. But this year she isn’t in a tropical location with an exotic man like she'd planned. She’s stuck in small-town USA dealing with a lake house she doesn’t want, inherited from a grandmother she never knew. A summer fling might be the only thing to get her through the next few weeks.

Salvage specialist Noah Colburn is running for mayor. If he doesn’t, an absolute idiot is going to ruin his beloved town. So he’s stepping up. It’s what he does—with his teenage daughters, with the family business, and now with Lakeside. But when the newest resident of the town asks him to renovate her grandmother’s house—and have a four-week fling —he’s tempted. Tempted to step out of the mold and take just one thing for himself. But the gossip mill in the town is notorious. 

Anita’s learning it’s hard to have a fling when the town follows your every move, and it’s even harder when the July guy makes it clear one month is never going to be enough…


I started this book and then put it down. Coming back to it a few months later I was able to get into the story better. Anita Delgado has inherited a home from a grandmother whom she thought had passed away. Going to a house and a town where people knew her mother, as well as her father, also become part of this story. Anita cannot speak to her mother about any of these things because she is in a home for Alzheimer’s. She is also an art professor who takes a vacation every July. So this July she must find a guy in Lakeside where her grandmother’s home is the one she wants to fix and sell. One problem, the man she is attracted to is Noah Colburn salvage specialist and restorer. He is also running for mayor, a divorced father of twin 17-year-old girls. Just to make everything better the small town posts everything he does on Facebook, even if it is having ice cream with the new women in town. She is very pretty, but there is a campaign to win by his opponent. While going through the home Anita finds notes and money from her grandmother. She also begins to question what her mother told her about her father who left when she was younger, especially when he begins to post on the town page. What her biggest problem is, is not the remold of the house. No, it is what the salvage guy is doing to her and her insides. When she finally breaks and leaves back to Philly Noah begins to think he might have gone too far. Well, he only drove her from upstate New York to Philly, it’s not like she overseas but to him, it feels like it. Everyone around him now wants the election to be over so he can go and do something because he has pushed everyone away. So, read if he goes to her or she comes back to Lakeside. A very good story with good characters. I received this book from I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at

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