The Last (The List #3)

THE LAST                                                       TAWNA FENSKE

Sarah Keating was sure she’d be married by 30. Husband, kids, the kick-ass career helping adults with Down Syndrome—she assumed she’d have it all, and there’d be no need to fall back on the marriage pact she made with her best pal from college.

But a tipsy message she sends from her birthday party brings Ian Nolan to her door ready to rock her world, and not just with mind-blowing sex. He’s up for tying the knot and has a million pragmatic reasons it makes perfectly good sense.

As Sarah and Ian test drive their marriage-of-convenience, they navigate awkward business dinners, a slippery steam room hookup, and a costume party gone awry. Their friendship is stronger than ever, and the sexual chemistry is off the charts.

But is that enough to make a marriage work, or will one of them fall hard and end up brokenhearted?


Sarah Keating is celebrating her 30th birthday by reminding herself that it is okay to be single, not married with kids, husband, house and all that she thought she would have at thirty. Her friends have also gotten some information out of her about a college friend Ian, who she normally texts birthday wishes to since his birthday is close to hers. When she does he immediately texts back and shortly thereafter he agrees to come over since he is in town. They had also agreed to marry when they were younger if not married by thirty. When she sees him standing at her door he does not look like she remembers, no better. That idea of marriage is looking better or it could be the alcohol. Spending some time together in their birthday suits blowing out candles with each other, they realize that being together would be good for both. That is until Sarah wants Ian not with a contract like he wants but just the two of them. Leaving Ian with a decision, he does not know what to do. With the feelings or about Sarah. Will he pull his brains out of his Gluteus Maximus and get the woman or continue to sit on his feelings. Read this serious and funny story about two people. I received this book from I gave it 4 stars. Follow us

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