The Standby Guy

THE STAND BY GUY                                    NATASHA MOORE

For the last fifteen years, Katie Dixon has been focused on her responsibility as a single mother, raising her son and making ends meet. Now her son’s off to college, her photography business is stable, and she’s more than ready to embrace her “me time,” including a romantic fling or two. The only problem is that she hasn’t dated in years and needs a little help finding her confidence again. 

Carter Colburn has been her next door neighbor and closest friend for years. So when he needs a date for a business dinner that could boost his law firm and help keep the family business on solid footing, she offers to pretend to be his girlfriend. He’s funny, sexy, and a confirmed bachelor—the perfect guy to help her find her mojo and nothing more.

But when local residents catch them sharing a tipsy kiss, the rumor mill goes wild. It's fun to pretend to be dating for a while. But when Carter starts to take the idea of settling down with his best friend seriously, Katie is terrified by the prospect of losing her precious "me time" all over again.


Katie Dixon has seen her son off to college and now she has decided to look for her notebook that she started years ago of things she wanted to do he left home. A single mom her husband died a few years after they were married and she had Sean. She has been raising her son alone except with the help of her neighbor and friend Carter. Carter is the middle son of three brothers and the second book in this series. The two of them have spent a lot of time together over the years but nothing romantically. That is until she finds out that he needs a date for an important business meeting. This also gives her an opportunity to mark something off her list. The dinner goes well until they decide to walk in the garden afterward, and then a passionate kiss between them is taken and posted on the towns Facebook page. Now they continue to date for real or not is what needs to be found out. Between the two of them, it is Carter’s character that drives me crazy at the beginning of the book and to the halfway point. Katie, I got or understood some of her reasons. I will also say you get some update on the people from the first book which was good. The last half of the book is much better and of course, the ending is good as well. I received this book from I gave it 4 stars. Follow us

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