Through the Red Door (Book Nirvana, #1)


Clara Martelli clings to Book Nirvana, the Oregon bookshop she and her late husband Jared built together. When rising rents and corporate competition threaten its survival, her best hope is their extensive erotica collection, locked behind a red door. In dreams and signs, her dead husband tells her it's time to open that door and move on. When a dark and handsome stranger's powerful magnetism jolts her back to life and he wants a look at the treasures of that secret room, she can't help but want to show him more.

Professor Nick Papadopoulos is looking for historical erotica. Book Nirvana's collection surpasses his wildest dreams, and so does its lovely owner. A widower, he understands Clara's battle with guilt, but their searing chemistry is too strong to resist. Besides, he will only be in town for two weeks, not long enough for her to see beyond the scandal that haunts his past.


Clara Martelli owns a book store that she is struggling to keep open. She also lost her husband almost a year ago and she is still wanting to do something to remember him. At the same time, she feels like it is time or she is receiving signs that it is time to move on. The first sign is when she receives a request from a professor from Berkeley if he may look at her collection of books behind the Red Door. She agrees and when Professor Nick Papadopoulos arrives there is something between the two of them. What is behind the Red Door is the collection of erotic books that she and her deceased husband Jared had collected over the years. Now she sells some and buys other ones to add to the ones sold. She and the Professor go through some of the books, and after he purchases some, he wants to get to know her better. Also what happens is that one of her employees would like her to go out with his cousin she agrees. The story a few twists not many but one does she want a relationship and does she want it with either one of these men if she does she most chose. I found this story to be more of a romantic book and the erotic scenes more from the books that they would read. That is just my take. The sex scenes are hot and the pain she feels about the store, her lost husband, what to do between the two men and who to trust when she hears some things all add to this story. A very good book. I received this book from I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at

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