Upside Down (One Fond Embrace #2)

UPSIDE DOWN                                             CRISTA MCHUGH

Caz Miller. Surfing god. Arrogant Asshole.

Or at least, that’s what Kayla’s assessment of him has always been. But in a cruel twist of fate, she finds herself at his mercy. Dropped by her sponsors, homeless, and pregnant, how could she not accept his offer to crash in the apartment above his garage? It’s just until she can get back on her feet. That doesn’t mean she’ll fall for him all over again…or does it?

Kayla Gilmore. Queen of the Waves. The one he can’t forget.

By the time Caz realized how much Kayla meant to him, it was too late. He knows better than to ask for a second chance. She deserves someone better than him. The best he can hope for is to get the asshole title dropped from his name. But what starts out as an offer to earn some karmic points rekindles the fiery passion between them, and he finds himself in same precarious position as before. This time, though, he’s determined not to break her heart.


Kayla has gotten up in the morning and has taken a few pregnancy tests only to find the same result staring at her the same each time, positive. She can’t be she is 26 years old and a surfing pro. Leaving the house where she and other women surfers live she goes chasing after the father to tell him the news. Only to be smacked in the face by a guy who is more interested in riding the pipeline because the waves are huge because of a storm. He tells her before she can tell him that they are through and not soon after he is through as well, dead. Now alone because she has been dropped by her sponsors, and kicked out of the house she was living in she ends up with the baby’s parent’s house. That night she hears the father slapping the mother and she leaves and goes to the only person she thinks she still has as a friend, her ex from eight years ago. Caz also a professional surfer takes her in and tells her she can stay in his apartment above the garage. He also is wanting to make up for what he did to her when they were dating and how he ended it. Afterward, he realizes she was right for him but he still has problems with commitment throughout this story. Running away from her. I read some of the reviews and some people did not like Kayla and her thoughts or choices. A lot of her choices were choices were taken away from her when she was kicked out of the house, dropped by sponsors and then later finding out that they also cut off her insurance. She did make the right choice by leaving the parents’ home because if that man hit his wife what would he have done to her or the child. There were some good choices. Also, 26 is still young and a lot of people forget what that was like and for the most part, she felt alone with no one to talk to. I thought this was a good story with good characters and gave you the reader something to think about. I received this book from I gave it 4 stars. Follow us at

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