In Nashville the men are strong, the women are bold, and love comes to those willing to fight for it.

Russ Green is an expert at keeping people out - physically and emotionally. After a career-ending injury, the former quarterback was lucky to find a place as a bouncer at Words & Music. All he wants to do now is stay out of the limelight - alone. With his background, he's nobody's Prince Charming. His life is routine, and he likes it that way. Gym, work, home. No surprises. Until a bar brawl lands him in the emergency room, and in some very capable hands...

Nurse Joslynn Wright found her calling during a childhood bout of leukemia. While the fast-paced ER keeps her adrenaline pumping, it's nothing compared to being with Russ. Her illness made her cautious, though, and Russ's closed-off nature certainly doesn't make things any easier. But she can't help being intrigued by the contradiction of a burly bouncer who can gently strum a guitar. If she's learned anything in Nashville, it's that love may take work, but the rewards can be well worth the effort...

The Nashville Dreams series: 
Can't Walk Away
Can't Let Her Go
Can't Fight the Feeling

     Fear has a lot to do with our lives than most of us like to admit.  Most of us our anger strength, career, or fierce love to see the fear, we can beat it.
     But what can happen is what seems to happen to Russ.  His anger while at the business, he is a third owner in with his best buddies is showing the ramifications.  You see they own “Words and Music” a restaurant and dance bar in Nashville.
     After each of the men’s careers in other professions, Russ’s being the NFL.  They all join in together in “Words and Music” with Brad, Ethan and himself as a business venture which is paying off.  You see Brad and Ethan end up marrying and engaged to two of the hottest country artists in the music industry. 
     Which, didn’t hurt at all.  So, they were doing good.  Until Russ’s personalities started to take a hard edge that was now affecting how he interacted with customers.  The whole two against one as far as Russ was concerned.
     Hence when he is reintroduced to Joslynn (Josie to him, only.)  He ends up in the ER after being hit in the head with a bottle, in a bar fight.  After being checked, he gives a kiss to her on the cheek and he rushes out without signing out.  Which pisses her off.  (Not really, she just wants to make a point and see him again.)  Unusual for her.  Since her friends have been trying to get them together for a long time.  Not to mention she likes being alone and single.
     When she meets up with him she walks in when he is about to fight again and is able to move him away.  His partner is glad, and Russ won’t admit it but he’s glad to see her too.  Not to mention something about her calms him down.  When they talk, he realizes he feels calmer in her company.
     I enjoyed this story it’s about two people with trust issues.  Both have been hurt before and don’t want to go back there again.  At the same time realize that when they are not around each other even when debating issues, they are lonely and missing one another.
     Yet, they both knew they had issues to resolve within themselves, obstacles, to overcome, and a relationship to decide on.

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