From friends with benefits…

To parents!

Paramedic dream team Maggie and Joe aren’t just crewmates in the Aratika Rescue Service, they’re also best friends. Until a particularly perilous, adrenaline-fueled rescue leads to one hot night in the shower! But Maggie discovers their unexpected and intensely passionate encounter had life-changing consequences. Now with a baby on the way, she can’t help but wonder, can she and Joe ever be more than just good friends?

     This is a story of two hotshot ER EMT’s who after five years of being together as a team were of one brain. But only on the job.
    After work, their belief systems were polar opposites but the year, they liked to do a lot of the same things and their friends were the same things and their friends were the same. So, either way, they would encounter one another. It was wise to remain on each other’s good side. They never had to worry they genuinely like each other.
     After an emergency delivery of a baby, Maggie lets Joe in on a secret. She tells him she wants one of these. What she means is…a baby. At that, he just cringes. Marriage and family is not his thing. So, to be flip he says pick out of a book or better yet ask a good friend. Never once thinking she would ask him, being he is her best friend. Why not? I have no clue.
     Well, needless to say, this put a major strain on their friendship and work relationship. This was a fast read to go along with their adrenaline rush “Hot One” calls as EMT’s. To see the way Joe’s character changes, right before your eyes is interesting. I give this: 3 stars. Provided by

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