City of Fear: A Rob Soliz and Frank Pierce Mystery (Rob Soliz & Frank Pierce Mysteries)

CITY OF FEAR                                         LARRY ENMON

The unexpected killing of Dallas drug king-pin Ricardo Salazar sets everyone on edge. A New York crime family is up in arms about the loss of a major narcotics supplier. The Dallas Police dread the ensuing gang war but Detectives Rob Soliz and Frank Pierce were on the scene at the time of the shooting. They both saw a mysterious red-haired woman enter Ricardo’s just moment before, but she was never seen leaving. Instead, all they found inside the house was a dead man and a voodoo doll at his feet.

Rob and Frank search for the red-head. She is the key to unraveling the crime. But finding her only presents more questions than answers. Frank knows she’s not being honest but can’t prove a direct connection to the murder. As the gang war heats up, the body count rises, and innocent citizens are caught in the crossfire. Political pressure mounts, and New York sends an enforcer to settle the Ricardo score. Now, Rob and Frank may be Dallas’s only hope, but how do you fight something that only exists in myth?


I thoroughly enjoyed this book from beginning to end. This was a book that once I started it I read it to the finish, I did not stop. Two Dallas Detectives are on a stack out of a known drug dealer’s house. Rob and Frank hear and see flashes of gunshots inside the home. Frank thinks he saw a red-headed woman, but when they go in there is no sign of her. Also, the drug dealer is dead but not shot though he fired his weapon across the room hitting nothing but the wall. Yet Ricardo Salazar is dead, he is standing up with no apparent wounds of any kind, but there is a voodoo doll at his feet with a pin stuck through the eye. Still, no sign of the red headed women and for Frank and Rob, this is only the beginning of the mysteries and also the killings. The killings begin to increase after a while when New York decides to send a hit man or women to town to take out more dealers. Now, this is beginning to affect supply from Chicago and in the department, Frank is being looked on by the Lt. to find some answers. A book that will keep you going from the police, to the drug people, to the mafia in New York and to Frank searching for the red headed women. You also get the side if the contract killer that New York sent and with all of this you have the makings for an excellent book. All of the characters are good along with the story that moves along at a good pace. A very good book and worth the read. I received this book from I gave it 5 stars Follow us at

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