Dr. Alexis Welsh, Assistant Professor of Criminalistics, has focused on establishing her career since high school. She’s done everything she’s been expected to do and earned the respect of her family and colleagues, but shouldn’t there be more to life than just work? Then, just before Valentine’s Day, a series of mysterious gifts with encrypted messages leads to the enticing possibility of a secret admirer.
For four long years, senior student Chris Locke has hidden his feelings for the smart and sexy professor. His time in the Air Force taught him discipline, but now that he’s just a few months away from college graduation, he’s ready to take a chance on making his feelings known. Will his advance be reciprocated once Alexis unravels the clues?
With Chris heading to California after graduation, are a few months of being together worth the risk? As a professor and student, their relationship is forbidden, but once they share a kiss, can they deny their rising passions? Alexis has always let someone else direct her life. She’s followed all the rules. Maybe the time has come to start breaking them…

Would there be another gift today? Most likely, and that’s why Beverly had continued with me, past her own office. Rounding the corner, I spied the brown paper bag sitting in front of my office door. My heart raced, and I breathed deeply to keep the adrenaline surge from betraying my excitement. Under normal circumstances, the mysterious bag would have been something to report to campus police, but the twelve-day track record of someone leaving gifts said, secret admirer.

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Jessica’s survived a prim and proper upbringing as a Senator’s daughter. At college, she tries to spread her wings but struggles to let loose.

Darius skipped college to start a fitness business, and he’s doing well carrying out his own, busy, adult life.

Their parents have been dating, and ahead of an engagement announcement, the parents plan a family vacation for their adult children to meet.

Jessica shows up at the beach a day before she’s supposed to, so she can try to fit into the spring break fun before meeting her future family.

Darius had the same idea, but he didn’t think Jessica was showing up until the next day. The two meets in the bar and take a walk down the beach for some private time. All is going well until their families get together at breakfast the next morning.

Soon they’ll be step-siblings, and under the public eye of a Senator’s life, their relationship is doomed. Unable to resist their attraction to one another, they try to steal some time together but have close calls with their parents. When they’re secrets finally revealed, Jessica can’t handle the pressure.

Her eyes didn’t hold any hesitation. They slid down my body and a smile came to her face as her eyes passed over my chest and abs, and stopped on my cock.
“Just getting something to eat,” I said.
The fact that I’d told her she could take the lead next time we were alone weighed heavy on my mind. We were alone in the room, but not alone on the boat. And I suspected Senator Emmerson would be willing to toss me overboard if he caught me with my dick down his daughter’s throat.
“In the bedroom? What do you like to eat in bed?”
I wished I could take it back.

Barbra Campbell has become adept at catching the curve balls life throws at her. Through most of her childhood, she dreamed of being a scientist, but alas, here she is caught up in the world of the Happily Ever After. Trying to count the number of times her life had to derail to get her to write romance would be exhausting, and frustrating, so she focuses on moving forward.
Being a finalist in the Golden Heart® contest gave her the necessary kick in the pants to take her writing seriously. With each story, she writes about everyday situations with the promise of turning them into a steamy romance.
She lives in the mountains of Colorado with her college sweetheart, children, and an ever-evolving menagerie of pets.

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