Dr. Alexis Welsh, Assistant Professor of Criminalistics, has focused on establishing her career since high school. She’s done everything she’s been expected to do and earned the respect of her family and colleagues, but shouldn’t there be more to life than just work? Then, just before Valentine’s Day, a series of mysterious gifts with encrypted messages leads to the enticing possibility of a secret admirer.
For four long years, senior student Chris Locke has hidden his feelings for the smart and sexy professor. His time in the Air Force taught him discipline, but now that he’s just a few months away from college graduation, he’s ready to take a chance on making his feelings known. Will his advance be reciprocated once Alexis unravels the clues?
With Chris heading to California after graduation, are a few months of being together worth the risk? As a professor and student, their relationship is forbidden, but once they share a kiss, can they deny their rising passions? Alexis has always let someone else direct her life. She’s followed all the rules. Maybe the time has come to start breaking them…

He’d made his decision to stay on for grad school and I’d promised myself not to ruin his future or mine. His position technically didn’t start for another month, but the university wouldn’t see any leeway there. “We can’t keep doing this.”
“Sometimes you have to get creative.” He grabbed my hand and pulled me down onto the blanket.
“By creative, do you mean fired?” Creativity made my stomach turn.
Chris stroked my fingers. “I’m going to throw a not-so-entirely-crazy idea out there.”
“With a preface like that, I assume I should be worried.”
“We could get engaged.” He grabbed a weed and started fiddling with it.

I held my breath until I felt confident, I could say something other than ‘yes’. Was he testing me? Was he sent to earth from the underworld? No wonder everything got complicated when he entered the picture. How did Satan wait four years to pull this off? Thank God Chris didn’t drop to one knee. “What’s the catch?”


Lachlan is a successful doctor up for promotion. After getting dumped by his long-term girlfriend, he focuses on the one thing he can control...his career.

Gypsy's a free-spirited photographer who moves every couple year to keep life exciting. When she sees Lachlan cuddling a sick puppy at the vet, she immediately falls in love with both of them.

She tries to get close to Lachlan by volunteering to take photos of his bagpipe band, and Lachlan fights his illogical attraction to her. He doesn't need his heart ripped out again, but the next thing he knows, she's learning to play the drums and securing a position in his life, at least until she moves again.

The tension between Gypsy and Lachlan escalates until their friends trick them into an evening alone together. Good thing she's wearing her lucky green underwear, because she needs all the help she can get with this broody, kilt-wearing Scot.

The thudding of my heart echoed through my ears and I had to check myself to stop staring. Unfortunately, dropping my gaze away from his eyes only led me to look at his kilt. A real damn kilt, complete with the pouch thingy that hung over his package, which meant I was looking in an even worse direction. I dropped my gaze again. Legs, defined as nicely as his forearms, at least as much as I could tell through the socks. The guy had to hit the gym regularly. He looked like the ‘set a daily schedule and keep to it’ kind of guy. Not my type at all. Too bad my ovaries weren’t in agreement. They were saying they’d like to join forces with this fine example of manhood and produce at least a half-perfect child…or maybe that was just their ploy to tell me they wanted to have sex with him.

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