COWBOY TROUBLE (Acquainted with the Night #1)

COWBOY TROUBLE                          JOANNE KENNEDY

You can't go it alone in a place this hard

Her latest love-life disaster behind her, Libby Brown flees to the Wyoming countryside to fulfill a childhood dream by starting her own chicken farm from scratch. But the West is wilder than she expected, and while she's determined to succeed on her own, the sexy, sturdy cowboy next door sure is helpful...

Rancher Luke Rawlins is impressed by the sassy, independent city girl and he's ready to prove that he's with her for the long haul. But a mystery from the past soon threatens their new bond and tests their love in ways Luke and Libby never could have imagined...

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     A book that grabs you from the beginning.  You find yourself talking to yourself like you did when you do when you watch the old westerns.  You know the ones in black and white or the obvious mysteries you know the ones where you can’t just turn away because you already know who did it.
     Yet, when you find the characters just either too dramatic, over the top crazy or too funny where you want to turn the channel but can't because it gives you just enough to keep going.  Or it could be that the clues are dropped in fine hints and you think, what are you thinking? and you call yourself a crime reporter for a newspaper back in Atlanta! 
     Because that is where Libby Brown is from, but she allows herself to be swayed.  By or should I say made fearful of ghost stories by people in the community.  To be thrown off the trail of the true suspect.
     You see because she is almost from day one getting tipped off by sexy all-male cowboys Luke Rawlins about a cold case in town.  Of a supposed runaway or murder victim.  Making this city girl who moved to Wyoming on the open plain to raise chickens very afraid.  With Luke being her only neighbor living a huge country mile away makes him and everyone else in her new community a Ted Buddy relative.
     When she goes to the local bar with Luke, the Roundup, she meets a lot more of the locals.  Let’s just say that is a colorful bunch which is to clean a word for most of them.  They are rough.  As she starts to investigate she's given not so nice warnings.
     This was a creative, imaginative and twisted story.  In a good way.  You are taken in quickly because you know Libby and Luke find an interest in one another.  However, when the add local sheriff into the mix, the one Libby thought would be like Boss Hogg but turns out looking like Gold’s Gym Golden Boy a Blondie.  There’s a triangle for her time.
     She, however, wants to follow this cold case moving backward without stepping on the sheriff’s toes. Tensions are high for the once quiet little town once Libby starts asking questions about Della the young seventeen-year-old.  The author’s spin the story causing the suspects to keep changing and always keeping poor Libby on edge was comical at times too.
     She not only had one cowboy but two, one alpha male and one shy cowboy who was skittish as a new colt.  Only one would wins her heart.  While the other…
     I give this: 5++++ stars.  Provided by 

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