Kings of Mayhem (Kings of Mayhem MC #1)

KINGS OF MAYHEM                                   PENNY DEE

I’ve loved her since we were five years old. 
We grew up side by side. 
Two kids tied together by the Kings of Mayhem Motorcycle Club. 
But I broke us. 
I broke her. 
So, she fled. 
Now she’s back after twelve long years. 
And I’m going to show her all the reasons why we should be together and make her forget all the reasons why we shouldn’t. 

I’m back in town but only because I have to be. 
I’m here to help my mom bury my father. 
And the sooner we get it done, the better. 
Because I want to see Cade as much as I want a hole in the head. 
He broke me once—no, he broke my everything— and I’ll be damned if I’ll let him do it again. 
Get in and get out. That is the plan. 
But you know what they say about best-laid plans. 


The first book in this series and has two people that grew up next to each other and in a Motorcycle club. They fall in love and then when they both were to take off the next day for college he screwed it up the night before. Actually, his dad drugged because he had already lost one son and did not want another to leave the club. Now twelve years later Indy is coming home to bury her father and hopefully all of her memories of the club and of Cade. Problem Cade has never stopped loving her and when she sees him he is not the boy she remembers. He is a man and she is still attracted to him. While everything is going on between them someone is also killing the members of the club and they are working at finding who it could be. They there is the fact that she had not gone back to her job and life when she thought she would. Why is she staying? Will she stay or will she leave? Maybe Cade will give her a golden crown like the wife’s get when they get married? Read this fast paced book to see what happens. I received this book from I gave it 4 stars Follow us at

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