Neon Prey (Lucas Davenport #29)

NEON PREY                                                   JOHN SANDFORD

It was a relatively minor criminal matter, all things considered, but enough that the US Marshals obtained a warrant to enter the home. They didn’t expect to unearth trophies from a score of killings.

Now Davenport is on the trail of a serial murderer, one who was able to operate for years without notice or suspicion. But there’s even more to this killer than meets the eye…


In this book about Lucas Davenport, you are introduced to the killer first. Clayton Dees is not someone you want to run into, for his job is either to make you hurt so his boos gets his money or make you disappear. Now his job does not go the way he planned it and he is on the run. Also, law enforcement is all over his place in Louisiana. It is there that they begin to discover bodies or at least parts of them for he has eaten some parts. I should say barbequed. This is when Luca is called in. he is now working for the U.S. Marshalls. Because of his connections he can get things moving along faster in order to begin tracking Dees. This is another good book that takes you from Minnesota to L.A. then to Vegas. The action in between those places and in those places keep this book moving along at a fast pace without losing the story. All of the characters are good wheatear good guys, or gals, or bad. When you get to the end I did not see it ending as it did. Growing up in the Mojave Desert and actually catching one, not smart, the author having a Mojave green snake make an appearance was good. They are actually more deadly than any rattlesnake in the Mojave and yes they are green. Overall a very good book once again by this author. I received this book from I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at

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