THE BOYFRIEND BID                           JODIE ANDREFSKI

Sarah Campbell’s never bid in her high school's charity auction to win a date with one of the school's hottest guys. And she’s certainly not going to start now––when she’s still hurting over a bad breakup. The absolute last thing she’d ever do is bid on Mr. Ego himself, Chance DuPont.

Chance just wanted to help out a worthy cause, not get roped into not one but six dates with someone who seemingly can’t stand him. But when Sarah’s friends bid on him on her behalf, that’s exactly where he ends up. Now a local blog is covering the story by following them on all their dates, too? 

Seems like everyone loves a good love story––except the two living it.

         This was a quick enjoyable read by a new author for me who I would read again.  Her characters were engaging and fun and quirky.
     Having teens around our house very true to life.  Totally something I could see a group of my daughter’s drama friends doing for her.
     It had the things you would expect to find. Sarah dealing with parents and family issues.  Yet, her dealings with being thoughtful, that money issues with the divorce was hard on her mom, and she was grateful, is a nice thing to hear. 
     Being dumped not wanting to date.  And what I thought was interesting was that the ex’s reaction.  And all the comments of his teammates in favor of Sarah.  A total plus.
     Enjoyed that for the most part, Sarah is a strong confident young girl who knows her likes and dislikes.  Yet, you see her gooey middle that shows she has been hurt making her unsure at times as to how her judgment is working for her.
     Things I had a problem with it was where the advisor for the class?  When the crazy editor chick went haywire?  Why didn’t Sarah and Chance say no to a lot of her request, no really her, orders?  That’s just me but I know you need conflict, so just me.
     Sweet book if you’re looking for a quick fun read this is for sure one.  I give this: 4 stars.  Provided by 
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