The Cowboy Next Door (Montana Strong #2)

THE COWBOY NEXT DOOR                 R. C. RYAN

Penny Cash is down on her luck. Her dream is to become a teacher, but finding a school with an open position is proving to be difficult. In need of money, Penny accepts a job as a housekeeper at the Monroe Ranch. She's not one to shy away from hard work, but Penny didn't realize how tough it would be to resist the sexy cowboy who's now her boss.
Bad boy Sam Monroe has no intention of ever getting tied down. But from the moment Penny begins working at the ranch, there's nothing he enjoys more than getting under her skin. And before too long, he finds himself flirting with forever. So when Penny's little brother comes to town and gets involved with the wrong people, Sam will stop at nothing to protect the woman he's coming to love--and the family she holds dear. 
Also includes the bonus novella Saved by the Cowboy by A.J. Pine! Olivia Belle has always believed in fairy tales...until the moment her boyfriend dropped to one knee. When Olivia speeds into Cash Hawkins' town like a modern-day Cinderella in a ball gown and glass slippers, Cash's careful existence is thrown for a loop. Olivia could be his happily ever after . . . if this runaway bridesmaid doesn't run off with his heart.


Penney Cash was looking forward to being a teacher and when she left her home and everything she had which was not much she was disappointed when the job fell through. Now she has found a job at the Monroe ranch as the cook. Already working she has met everyone except the youngest Sam who has been gone awhile on the range and living in the range shack. Coming in with a beard and smelling like he has been gone for weeks they do not get along at first. The change after he shaves and puts on cleans cloths is only a little better. Slowly though the two of them begin to enjoy the banter that they have and begin to look forward to it. Everyone around them sees what is happening except for Sam. It is not until they get snowed in at the range cabin does everything between them really heats up. Now she only has to wait for him to make to big move but for some reason, he is letting her go. Read this book that has fun and romance and finds out what happens between them. A very good book. I received this book from I gave it 4 stars. Follow us at

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