THE OTHER ONE                              ISOBEL HART

One broken heart . . . Two lonely people . . . Three good reasons to learn to love again 

After spending months alone, Jessica Jameson’s hellbent on numbing the pain of losing the love of her life to cancer by drinking enough whiskey that she can forget. Even if it’s only for one night. In the hotel bar, the last thing she expects is to meet a guy. A blonde-haired, green-eyed god, whose own experience of loss speaks to her bruised heart. 

But afterward, when she just wants to forget all about Daniel McIntosh she finds that’s easier said than done. After all, he’s the lead singer of Scoundrel, one of the world’s biggest rock bands. He’s also the reason for her missing period. 

Now, having finally found her again, Daniel’s thrilled to be reunited with the woman he never forgot. There’s just one problem: Daniel doesn’t know he’s a dad. Can their relationship withstand him finding out? And, even if he can forgive her, will she risk her heart for a second chance at finding love. 

     Talk about an interesting and emotional journey of healing this young woman Jessica Jamison had to go through.  She has such a loyal and forgiving heart.  One that is a true caretaker.
     You see she basically had no family except for her fiancĂ© Nick who ends up passing from cancer after a year and a half.  She was there every step of the way loving him and caring for him.  She loved him so much she even agreed to move into the home of his mother who absolutely hated her.
     For Nick though, she would give him the moon.  He was her “One!  He made her extremely happy.  When he passed, she was distraught.  She had hit rock bottom.  Had not a clue how to get out of her own way.  So, it is her job to get things right.  But how?  He told her she would one day find her happy again.  Made her promise that she would not stop living.  Life was just two preciouses.
     The night she and Daniel meet she is deep in her nine-month funk but in her one and done night before their deed he tells his experience about Don.  They bond in their grief.  When they both cuddle and he falls to sleep she panics and runs out.
     The next morning, he cannot believe she is gone.  He had really felt they connected.  He needs to find her but all he has is that she reminded her of Jessica Rabbit with her long blonde hair and curves.  But with her talking in the bar about ending it off the cliffs he was worried.  He told the band manager he was staying on for a couple of extra days…
     Nine months later Jess is now the mom to two beautiful baby boys.  She tries for a third time to reach Daniel to tell him this time from her maternity bed.  Relayed through his manager to which she can hear he says he always wear protection always.  When she says to tell him it’s Jessica “Rabbit” the manager be rates berates her but says Rabbit but the guys all laugh, and he says he has no clue.
     She is hurt and angry and hangs up.  Four years later a chance meeting opens a Pandora's box.
     This was an unusual book in you go on this emotional rollercoaster with Jessica.  You start with her pain and the depth of her grief over losing Nick her fiancĂ© nine months ago.  Nothing especially not herself seems important.  So, she hits the same bar at the hotel for the last month and drinks whiskey with Harry the bartender watching.
     On this night Daniel comes in Harry knows right away who he is but she has no clue.  When he tries to talk her up, she is rude and sassy.  All he does is start to laugh.  But when some groupie girls see him, she helps him out act like his girlfriend.  Very funny meet cute.  But as I said rollercoaster.
     But most of the time I wanted to shake Daniel.  I like him at the onset.  Then didn’t than did.  Rollercoaster I tell you.  I give this: 4 stars.  Provided by

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