One night in the surgeon's arms...One miraculous surprise! Obstetrician Addie and surgeon Noah's relationship has always been...complicated since he broke the news that her fiance had jilted her! Years later, finding themselves working and living together, they both agree to keep things professional. Until one intense day leads to one magical night, resulting in the miracle neither ever believed possible! Now they must put the past behind them if they want to build a future...together."What an emotionally-charged, fast-paced, extremely engaging read Ms. Lennox has delivered in the second book of this Bondi Bay Heroes series where I loved everything about the main characters...


This was an interesting story of surrendering to love.  Of these two well-educated doctors who had been burnt by love or the idea of it.  Get thrown together.
     You see Addie Blair is a doctor, Specialist Obstetrician and Gavin her childhood sweetheart are due to marry.  Gav asks Noah McPherson to be his best man.  Now mind you he had been asking Addie to marry him since he could talk almost.
    But here she is arriving at the church on the day of the wedding and Noah is sent to speak with her.  To give her a message.  Gav decided he can’t marry her she is too needed like all the women in his life.  Now for years, she had been caring for her cancer-ridden mom and his widowed mom.
    But the more Noah spoke the madder she got.  To the point where he puts his hand on her shoulder and she slaps him.  So, hard she believes they heard it two towns over.  That’s when she takes her shoes off, the veil, and yells to Gav’s mom to take care of his mom.
     When her mom pass, she moves.  She doesn’t want Noah as her supervisor any longer.  Most of all she need to prove to herself she wasn’t needy.  Now three years in and she loved it.
     When she finds herself doubled over in pain.  She comes out of her room of doctor’s quarter’s that she would now be sharing with a new surgeon.  When she looks up.  There stands Noah their new surgeon.
     By the way her belly, she’s having a tubal pregnancy.  And needs him now.  Once he gets more info, he walks her over.  Then everyone is going into hyper speed know they are and will be caring for Addie.  As he’s finding a beloved a cherished Doc.

     See how these two go from a slap to the sack.  And what comes of that one night of passion.  I give this: 4 stars.  Provided by  Follow us at

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