Virgin Fix (The Virgins #1)

VIRGIN FIX                                              MONICA RUSH

Since the day we first met, sweet little tomboy Bobbi Tipton has been untouchable, the boss’s adopted kid and completely off-limits. But now that she’s grown into a troublemaking spitfire who watches me with big eyes and flushed cheeks whenever she thinks I’m not looking, it’s getting harder and harder to steer clear. 

Then my boss makes me an offer I can’t refuse. To allow him to retire with a clear conscience, he’s leaving me his entire legacy—his business, his trucks, his profits. 

Oh, and one more thing. 

He wants me to solve the all-grown-up, hard-headed, puppy-rescuing, hotter-than-sin Bobbi Tipton problem, too—by taking her off his hands…and I’m not the only guy gunning for the job.


This is a quick fast read. It has both sex scenes and some erotic, but both are done in the taste with the book and makes the story move along. The female Bobbi Tipton has been living with the owner of the construction company Paddy, he also is her guardian after her father was killed working for Paddy. Now Bobbi is wanting to have her own place because she works at an animal shelter rescue place, but her place is falling apart. Being evicted she goes back to living with Paddy. Dean who is much older than her has had a thing for her for years and after a steamy time in the shower with her looking at him, he has not been around for a long time. Now Paddy has asked him to take over the business and to look out for Bobbi since he wants to retire to Arizona. At first, he really does not think that is a good idea until one of the workers tries to have his way with her and he gets rid of him. He then lets her know his feelings for her waiting for her answer. Read this quick story, the sex scenes take longer. A very good book. I received this book from I gave it 4 stars. Follow us

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