Chasing Vengeance (Redemption Harbor #7)

CHASING VENGEANCE                         KATIE REUS

Layla’s taste in men runs toward the epic side of awful. With one murderous ex-fiancĂ© already behind her, she’s attempting to start over in Redemption Harbor with the help of her bestie, Nova. And wine. Lots of wine. The very thing that helps her make another epic mistake—trying to kiss Xavier, one of her newest friends. So what if he’s sexy, funny, and has completely taken over her fantasies? Relationships and Layla don’t mix. And Xavier is clearly not interested anyway.

But it’s too late to walk away…

Any good hitman has no business forging a personal life…no matter how great the temptation. And Xavier is an exceptionally good hitman, with a long list of enemies. Even if Layla could somehow look past his profession, he’d never put her in jeopardy. But everyone has their breaking point—and when Layla accepts a date with someone else, Xavier’s possessiveness is unleashed. The greater the risk, the sweeter the reward…until Xavier’s sweet Layla is used against him by someone from his past. Now he’ll do whatever it takes to protect her from the enemy hunting her from the shadows.


Layla has always found herself attracted to or men are attracted to her that is on the bad boy side of life. Now being away from her ex-fiancé who by the why was as it turned to also be murder. She finds herself attracted to Xavier. She really does not know anything about him other than he is in finance. She would like to start something anything with him but after a kiss and then another of hot making out he shuts her down. She has now shut him down. That all comes to a screeching halt when she is kidnapped. Why because someone is really after Xavier. His real job hit-man and he now has to find her and tell her everything. Even the one thing that he dreads he wants to be with her. What will happen? Read this fast paced and exciting story to find out. Really liked this book with all of the different characters. I received this book from I gave it 4 stars Follow us

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