DON'T BE SHY (Erotic Romance, Curvy Girl, Chubby Loving Billionaire)

DON'T BE SHY                                  ELLIE JANSEN

When curvaceous photographer Emily Stewart is asked to do a photo shoot for a billionaire restaurant owner, she can hardly believe it's a reality. Completely lusting after him during the photo shoot, she is shocked when he invites her to his new restaurant for some food afterward. The only thing that could shock her more than that was when he later confesses how attracted he is to her. Will Emily be able to get over her past torment and fall helplessly for this chubby loving man?

This was one of the best BBW’s I have read in a very long time.  It was such a refreshing take on a romance.  On how some BBW’s feel and approach relationships with a bit of doubt because they are so used to being the butt of every joke.
     This was Emily’s story of being unsure of the advances that Nathan was giving towards her.  Why because she is the photographer at his photo shoot, she’s a BBW, and everyone knows no gets the hots for them.  Especially the hottest guy in all of NY who will be opening another of his trendy restaurants in a couple of days.
     On the other hand, you have Nathan who sees Emily with all her sexy all curves and finds her beautiful in her pinup pencil skirt, blouse, and B&F shoes.  She also is funny, friendly, and a real woman.  He may be well known and wealthy, but Em didn’t throw herself at him. Which made her even more sexy to him because she doesn’t know it.
     The best thing this book packs a punch of emotionally and sexual content is handled between the two it all happens within twenty-two pages now that is amazing. 
     I give this: 5 stars.  Provided by 

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