LUCKY NUMBER THIRTEEN (Three Rivers Ranch Romance #8.5)


A bonus novella in the #1 bestselling Three Rivers Ranch Romance series, featuring Tanner Wolf! 

Tanner's in Three Rivers, a changed man, to compete in the rodeo. He's glad to be forgiven of the misdeeds he's done, and he looks to his friends in Three Rivers as examples. He's ridden hundreds of bulls over the years, but when he draws Lucky Number Thirteen, the personal stakes for winning go up. He's never made it to the eight-second bell on this bull. 

And he doesn't this time either. In fact, he makes it to the hospital with career-ending injuries. 

But not everything is lost, as his nurse, Summer Hamblin seems to bring a balm to his weary soul--and meds for his broken ribs. When Summer is assigned as Tanner's home-health nurse, he wonders if they can take their relationship beyond the walls of the hospital. Has God brought him to Three Rivers to stay? 


     This was a sweet story of living your faith through the hardest time of your life.  You see for Tanner a Multi-Champion Bull Rider this bull ride on Lucky Thirteen was a career changer.  Being that he is a new follower of his faith it was quite a test.
     He had just asked God to show him what he should be doing with the next steps in his life.  Because he had changed it a great deal.  From the “all about me and partier” to his now walking with God.  Which he was finding he really enjoyed a whole lot more.
     This ride was bringing him to Three Rivers, Texas.  Where his friends Ethan a fellow rider who gave up the rodeo for his faith and Brynn a fellow cowgirl in the rodeo.  She also retired.  He would be staying with them while in town.
     When the ride takes a turn for the worse.  His first thoughts go to God and then to Ethan because he had a better connection to his faith and God’s ear, and he knew by the way he was feeling after the bull used him as a floppy toy it was bad.  Before it goes all black for him.  He hears Ethan’s voice he knows it’s bad, but Ethan has his back.    
     I just thought that was the sweetest and most real-life, gesture of a newbie, to their walk with God to believe that he needed help with prayer for his friend had a better connection to God’s ear.
     At the hospital when he wakes there is a nurse, he sees but can’t talk to. Due to tubes, he is attached to.  When finally, can talk he says she’s pretty something she never hears which truly touches her.  For a cowboy, she finds him very polite and humble.
     They find they are trying to find time to see each other on accident of course.  You see Summer is not a person who dates due to being cheated on by her last boyfriend.  So, she is a “one date only” girl.  She can’t chance being hurt and with him, she already knows she wants more than two dates.
     He asks to go to church when he gets out of the hospital.  She says she sits with her folks he says he was there too then.  On her other side.
     Very cute moments throughout.  Moments of his old selfishness creep back in.  You can understand why once it comes out but doesn’t help at the moment.  They are both works in progress as we all are.  This talk of faith, not any preaching or scripture quoting.  You won’t fill forced to be Christian like some books just a good person you know human.
     I give this: 4 stars.  Provided by
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