Guarded (Hostage Rescue Team #12)

GUARDED                                                 KAYLEA GROSS

Briar’s life was changed forever by a childhood marked by loss and trauma. When she was an orphan the government recruited her into a secret program and turned her into a contract killer. No matter how hard she tries to leave that life behind her, it’s still a part of who she is. She loves and trusts her husband deeply, but old habits die hard. Now everything is about to change for them. When things take a life-threatening turn, Briar is forced to confront her most deeply buried insecurities and find the courage to lay herself bare to the man who has promised to stand by her always. 

But this is one battle she can’t win alone. 

Matt loves his independent, badass wife more than anything, but she’s also the most stubborn and frustrating woman he’s ever known. Haunted by a loss that shook him to his core, he’s even more determined to protect Briar now that their lives are about to be altered forever. He’ll do anything for her, but if they’re going to have a shot at a happily ever after as a family, his fierce Valkyrie must first learn to lower her guard and let him in completely. 


A very exciting book from start to finish Briar is a woman with skills that most men would love to have. She also is missing out on what she feels are the feminine part and especially if she ever wants to be a mother. Matt who also is part of a security detail loves that she is badass and she is who she is. Things change though when she finds out that she is pregnant and not knowing how to deal with emotions she has never felt before. She has never been around other women who have had children, so she acts as she always does and that is going on a mission because that is what calms her. That does not calm her husband and leads for disagreements and loud discussions. When she ends up in the hospital and the possibility of maybe losing her child, she sees that there is hope for here of becoming a mother. I found this to be a really good book. I received this book from I gave it 4 stars. Follow us at 

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