Just One Night

JUST ONE NIGHT                                    DIANNE MCCARTNEY

Sam Preston can't believe his good fortune when he meets the mysterious Mariah who crashes his birthday party at his New York City hotel. Their attraction is immediate. He can't wait to discover more about her after their passionate night together. 

He never gets the chance. She disappears before he wakes up, laying a false trail that leaves him frustrated. 

Mariah Stone and Sam have a past of which he isn't aware. As children, they were friends until an unspeakable tragedy tore them apart. One night should have been enough to prove she had exaggerated their connection due to a childhood crush, but her plan backfired. Her mistake means now they will have to fight to understand how the past and present will influence their future. 


Mariah Stone has worked for this one night to be with Sam Preston. What Sam does not know and you as the reader is the past that they had as children. The one night is to fulfill her desire for what could have been. He, on the other hand, is so taken in with her that he wants more than one night, but she has to say no. Sam begins looking for her and into her background finding nothing which only adds to the mystery. He also notices something from his mother when he mentions a name that he remembers from when he was younger and begins to look into how that person is connected to Mariah. Further, into the story, you as the reader begin to wonder if she will be pleased with this invasion or upset. All of the steps that have been put in place for her have been for a reason. Slowly everything begins to be revealed but what will she do and will they even have a chance? Read this story of the mystery of love. I received this book from Netgalley.com I gave it 4 stars. Follow us at www.1rad-readerreviews.com

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