For five years, Cecilia Morgan’s entire existence has revolved around playing personal assistant to self-centered former NFL quarterback Wade Carter. But just when she finally gives her notice, his father’s health fails, and Wade whisks her back to his hometown. CC will stay for his dad—for now—even if that means ignoring how sexy her boss is starting to look in his Wranglers.

To say CC’s notice is a bombshell is an insult to bombs. Wade can’t imagine his life without his “left tackle.” She’s the only person who can tell him “no” and strangely, it’s his favorite quality. He’ll do anything to keep her from leaving, even if it means playing dirty and dragging her back to Credence, Colorado, with him.

But now they’re living under the same roof, getting involved in small-town politics, and bickering like an old married couple. Suddenly, five years of fighting is starting to feel a whole lot like foreplay. What’s a quarterback to do when he realizes he might be falling for his “left tackle”? Throw a Hail Mary she’ll never see coming, of course.

     I so enjoyed this read.  The characters in this book were so engaging and funny.  This author has so many funny phrases that will make you laugh out loud.
     I have always loved the small town, family sagas.  Where the townspeople are all involved in each other’s business, in a good way, not a bad way.  Not in a mean way but in a poke fun and loving way.  This book did not disappoint. 
     You have the alpha dog and ex-NFL star, Wade Carter, of Colorado.  Who, come for a long line of pig ranchers/farmers?  His parents are Ronnie and Cal and his older, deathly shy brother Wyatt.  He is more or less runs the farm with their dad’s help.
     Almost six years ago he hires a P.A., Cecilia (C.C.) to work for him 24/7 at great amounts of money.  After he saw her kick her former boss in the gonads for trying to kiss her off in the corner of a bar.  Wade hired her on the spot.  But she worked around the clock for this prima donna, ex-NFL football player.
      But since she lived in a rent-free apartment Wade bought for her to live in, she invested well.  She had only six more months left on her contract but a big windfall in the market got her over the goal line she had set for herself.  Meaning she could bail if Wade pissed her of just one more time.  But there were just one little matter of his lawyers which he wasn’t beneath using against her if she pissed him off.
     Let’s just say things heat up when he talks her into going home to his hometown for three months to help his family and finish his book while his father recouped due to his heart.  The ranch had his brother but he wanted to help out.  When the town falls in love with C.C. as well as his family he knows things have changed.  He was seeing her as a woman for the first time and that is dangerous.
     I enjoyed seeing how this little spitfire of an assistant, really is his right hand, takes this total alpha male and transforms him into someone he didn’t remember was inside himself anymore.  Also, coming home with him changes her seeing how a family unit really works and how love is not a tool to be wielded against you but to cherished and nurtured.

     Is their bantering them saying they’ve had enough of each other of sexual tension ready to explode?  You will have to read the book.  I give this: 5 stars.  Provided by  Follow us at

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