THE GOOD STUDENT                            JOSEPH DORRI

The Good Student is a roadmap for choosing a college, choosing a major, navigating admissions, courses, professors, roommates, and the avalanche of information and decisions that face every student who wants to succeed at college. 

Based on decades of research and firsthand experiences, this book "has the potential of creating a tailwind in college for those who read it", according to USC's Head of Registrar and Professor of Education, Frank Chang.

This book is especially valuable to first-generation college students who often do not realize that mere admission and adequate financial aid are not all the students need to have when they walk on to campus as a first-year student. The Good Student explains and guides readers through this maze, offering deep insights and encouragement. This is a book all students need before, during, and after college. 

Written by a top graduating student with years of youth advising experience, the information provided is accessible, timely, and relatable.

It also comes with a research-backed survey online to streamline the college adjustment and success process. 

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One afternoon my wife and I were sitting at a Barnes and Noble in Valencia waiting for our daughter and her friend to finish their day at Magic Mountain. While drinking coffee and working on our computers we meet a young man named Joseph. My wife began talking to him about our daughter applying to different colleges and as their conversation became more intense, he reached into his bag and told us about a book that he had written about college life, experiences, before entering and after. When he left he gave us his book for our daughter and I chose to read it first. I will say this is most definitely a book that would have been useful when she was a junior in high school preparing her for the application process. What the author has done not only for the student but for the parents as well. Is give easy to follow guides or instructions into how different colleges work. Private, state, and U.C. here in California. He also mentions going out of state but does bring into the cost of the school as well as living on campus as some schools require for the first year. You must also think about where you would be going, for example, warm weather to cold. Especially if you have never lived in the snow of constant rain. He also speaks to different grants and scholarships that you should apply for even if you think that you will be denied for you might receive a few hundred dollars and that could help with some books. He goes into choosing classes and looking at the courses ahead of time because if there is one class you really need but it is only being offered at a specific day and time think about how many other people will need that class as well. That should be the class that you work on getting into first and then work your schedule around to fit that one. Also, check if a class has a lab that will also be a factor in your schedule. You can also check to see if you need two classes that are important if one is being offered in the summer that way you could make it up then as well. You also want to make sure that the courses that you are taking are in conjunction with the degree that you are working towards. You do not want to be taking courses that will not help to your goal. He describes the campus as a small town or community with different activities that you should look into, whether it is clubs, sorties, intermural sports. Another point that I thought was really good was that when you get to a point that you have an adviser, even though they are normally professors if you do not feel comfortable with he or she can ask for a change. DO NOT FEEL STRANGE DOING SO, YOUR SAFETY IS THE NUMBER ONE PRIORITY. The same with T.A.’S never feel embarrassed by saying that you are uncomfortable with that person especially if you are going to be alone with him or her. Finally, throughout this book, the author stressed safety, your own personal safety. Know where you are and who is around you, if you feel uncomfortable with your roommate you can and should ask to change. If something happens to you immediately go to campus security or call the police. I found this book to be very helpful as a parent and I hope my daughter will follow through. Thank You, Joseph, a very good book. I gave this book 5 stars. Follow us

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