Shattered Dreams (A Sheriff Virgil Dalton Mystery Book 3)

SHATTERED DREAMS                           FRANK HAYES

When he’s called to the scene of a burnt-out trailer in a remote corner of the southwest, Sheriff Virgil Dalton finds a body charred beyond recognition and the telltale signs of a meth lab gone wrong. But he also sees enough evidence to convince him there was foul play, and before long he and his deputies are searching the vast desert landscape to discover who was behind it.

When word of another fatality reaches Virgil, he learns of a supposedly accidental death that seems like anything but, and the pattern emerging tells Virgil he’s dealing with a killer who will go to great lengths to cover his tracks. With signs pointing to the possible involvement of a local company that is growing by leaps and bounds and changing his beloved landscape faster than he can keep track of, Virgil knows he’s headed for a high-stakes confrontation that will force him to put himself and everything he holds dear at risk . . .

My first time reading this author and I found this book to be everything that it was advertised to be. Sheriff Virgil Dalton is at times a simple man and also a complex man. He is trying to deal with the different personalities in the office while also dealing with a daughter he has just found out about and is now going off to college and also a crime that seems simple at first but turns into a more complex case when the body found in the burnt trailer does not belong to its owner. This leads him to look for him and then finding that the man's business partner had died a year ago in a car accident on a road that he had driven on for years in all types of weather. He continues to have more questions than answers and he seems to be getting nowhere. The author continues to add real life to the story as a domestic dispute turn’s tragic for one of his deputies and though it was sad most law enforcement will tell you that domestic calls are the ones that they would rather avoid just for that reason. Never knowing if someone has a gun and it just happens to go off. The rest of the story is just as good and I found all of the characters to be in line with the story. A very good book. I received this book from I gave it 5 stars Follow us at 

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