It was just a kiss on a dare. But their lives were altered forever.
Ruby Campbell is ready for the change of pace associated with summer. She loves her job at the private practice. Until she reports for duty that morning and finds she'll be working with her high school crush, Chase Calder, who broke her heart. Maybe she should be past the fact that the boy she'd fallen in love with had kissed her on a dare then disappeared, but she's definitely not over it.

Chase is back home to help a friend with his practice. He hurt a lot of people before he skipped out twelve years before and this is his chance to make amends. When he finds he'll be working with the only girl who'd ever believed in him, he sees his chance to apologize for humiliating her. Righting his wrongs proves to be more difficult than he imagined and now he doesn't want just her forgiveness, but also her heart.

Two People determined not to fall in love, but life has other plans.
Dealing with death has never been easy, but Jordyn Rivers is committed to each hospice patient.
Only this time, her patient's adorable twins are involved as well as a brother who is watching everything she does.
As she helps the family face their impending loss, Jordyn is thrown together with Ty, her patient's older brother. Scarred by the fear of losing her loved ones, Jordyn can't help but draw closer to Ty and his family. Yet, no matter what feelings he stirs in her, she's seen too many losses to open her heart.
To ensure his sister's last days are spent well, Ty Warren brings her to his home in Diamond Isle, North Carolina. Having been left at the altar himself and then watching his dying sister's husband walk out on her and their kids, Ty concludes love is an illusion. Until he meets his sister's hospice nurse. As he watches her care for his sister and lives out her faith despite her own loses, he wonders if his opinion has been wrong all along.

Can Ty get over his past to see what a wonderful future is standing right in front of him as he learns to trust God? Will Jordyn let go of her fear and risk her heart for a chance at true love?

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