Nothing But Trouble (Malibu University #1)


No, really, I’m pretty sure his blind nana taught him how to drive.

I had no idea who he was until he almost ran me over. And frankly, I kind of wish I still didn’t because then I wouldn’t have a sprained ankle to show for it. And my leg wouldn’t resemble a boa constrictor that’s swallowed a feral pig. 

Yeah, it’s that bad.

I’ve spent years saving every penny I’ve ever earned to be able to transfer to Malibu University. And now my entire future––including my scholarship––is in jeopardy. 

So I either accept the help he insists on giving me, or lose everything I’ve sacrificed for. 

In the meantime, I’m going to ignore the fact that we’re becoming friends.

And I’m definitely going to pretend he’s not turning into the object of my…umm, dirty fantasies. 

That’s not happening. 

Not even a little.

Because the minute I clapped eyes on him I knew he was nothing but trouble.


The beginning of this book I thought that I would enjoy this book all the way through. When I got the part way I did not. I did like Alice character very much and her personality really stuck with me as someone from New Jersey and fighting for a chance to make it at the college on a scholarship. When she meets Regan she really does not know that he is a water polo God around campus. Not that he comes off that way he is just treated as such. He wants to help her get back and forth to classes since she was hurt by his driving. She declines until he just shows up and she accepts. After a while, the attraction that she has put off is acted on and they seem to be a good fit. Yin and yang. My whole issue comes when he just leaves and though he writes a note giving her his jeep, I felt he could have explained more before just disappearing. Being gone for months and no calls, letters or anything and to show up after she has graduated and when he has finally returned he thinks it is okay for them to be together again as if he did not take off. Now for me, I know my daughter who is starting college would not have taken him back because she would not have spoken to him. She dissevered to be treated better and if he could write a note about a jeep a few more about what is going on with him would not have been out of the question. Also in this day and age, some people would look at giving away your items is a sign for suicide. I know I am making a reach but I had an eldest daughter attempt suicide many years ago and that is where my mind went. Probably not what the author was thinking but for me where I went, and really would a fighter from New Jersey who did not want any rides from him at the beginning be waiting around for him for months without any word? I think not. Just was expecting something more from the beginning since I did like the Alice character. I received this book from I gave it 3 stars Follow us at

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