Smokehouse Handbook: Comprehensive Techniques & Specialty Recipes for Smoking Meat, Fish & Vegetables


For backyard grilling enthusiasts, smoking has become an essential part of the repertoire. Butcher and charcuterie expert Jake Levin’s comprehensive guide, Smokehouse Handbook, guarantees mouthwatering results for producing everything from the perfect smoked salmon to a gorgeous smoked brisket.

Levin demystifies the process of selecting the right combination of meat, temperature, and wood to achieve the ultimate flavor and texture. Detailed step-by-step photos show the various techniques, including cold-smoking, hot-smoking, and pit roasting. A survey of commercially-available smokers critiques the features of each one, and for readers with a DIY bent, Levin includes plans and diagrams for building a multipurpose smokehouse. Featured recipes include specialty brines and rubs along with preparation guidelines for all the classic cuts of meat, including ham, brisket, ribs, bacon, and sausage, as well as fish and vegetables. With in-depth troubleshooting and safety guidelines, this is the one-stop reference for smoking success.


Really this was a one of a kind outdoor cookbook. The author takes you through the history of grilling and barbeque. Then goes into the different types of cuts, them into rube and brines. He also takes you through the different types of smokers from stovetop, electric, gas grilling, turning your grill into a smoker and then the in-ground and store bought. The ones made from drums and onto building your own smokehouse. Very though I found that chapter and I have had done in the ground with some friends that were very good but also time-consuming and my friends knew what they were doing. I mostly smoke on my grill. He also goes through the different types of woods and the flavors that they give off, I thought that was good as well. The recipes were good some I will try others not. What I also liked was the author giving recipes of rubs, brines, and sauces which most people do not give out. That is what made this book extra special. I found this book to be worth anyone’s time to read and buy for the person who likes to grill or smoke. I received this book from I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at

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