Jack Allan cannot count the number of times he’s been approached with invitations beginning something like, “My sister has a friend…” It seems as if everyone in the small town of Corbett, Idaho, is intent on finding a wife for him--everyone except for Jack himself. The townspeople gossip that this is because Jack, a young widower, has not gotten over the death of his wife, Katelin, and in a way they are right. However, it isn’t his undying love for Katelin which is holding Jack back. Rather it is the memory of events surrounding her death, events about which only he knows and which have left him filled with guilt. 

Undeterred, Ruby Henderson, Jack’s feisty neighbor, introduces him to her granddaughter, Ally. Jack unwittingly finds himself attracted to Ally, and it seems she is attracted to him too. So he is stunned when he finally asks her out and she turns him down by saying it would be best if they were just friends. This sets in motion events which lead Jack into one romantic entanglement after another and with not one possible romantic interest but three. 

Set against the backdrop of farming and small-town life, The Reluctant Courtship of Jack Allan is filled with amusing characters. It tells a story which is sometimes humorous and sometimes poignant as Jack struggles with his guilt while also working to sort out his love life and those of the people around him. 


          I truly enjoyed the spirit of this story.  There were parts of it on the apple pie in the sky, side of life.  Like, too good to be true for what we are used to in today's hustle and bustle, isn't it?  Yes!  But that is one of the reasons I liked it.  Because it was, not to mention, it was funny too.

     This book was filled with crazy dating antics, brothers and sisters can get each other into.  Real life mom moments where you will spaz when something catches you off guard.  Or when you have five boys getting into things they shouldn't and it is real life antics that are the comical results some not so funny. 

     Jack is a great guy.  Stuck in his head in a lot of ways, because he holds a secret that won’t allow him to get over, a time during his wives’ passing three-years-ago.  So, when he is ordered by Ms. Ruby to attend the dance to meet her granddaughter the new possible high school teacher.  He has no choice, he goes.

     He finds out Ally has a ten-year-old son Ben.  This doesn’t spook him.  What spooks him is his reaction to meeting her.  She’s gorgeous.  He’s not been attracted to anyone since his wife’s passing.  So, when Ally moves in with Ruby when she gets the job he thinks it’s time to move on.  So, he asks her out…Those boys mentioned, are four from Jack's sister household, Gwen.  Then, a new neighbor moves into the area, Ally, shes also Jack's love interest, who he brings to sis’s house and she has a son, Ben.  The fifth boy who hangs out with Gwen's boys.

     See how this goes for both of them.  Whether it’s an obvious conclusion as Ms. Ruby thinks. Or a problem down the line that affects their friendship, breaks them up as being neighbors or is she not into farmers.  The cast of characters and escapades of this storyline will keep you totally engaged as well as invested in the characters.

     I give this: 5++++ stars.  Provide by the author for an honest review.  
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