WHAT MATTERS MORE                         LIORA BLAKE

A sexy contemporary romance about what happens when a casual one-night stand becomes anything but casual.

JT Maxwell has it all . . . well, almost. He's a US Marshal, he looks like he belongs in an aftershave commercial, and he has tattoos—lots of tattoos. Unfortunately, he's also in debt up to his pretty blue eyeballs. Between that and his recent divorce, his personal life is nonexistent these days. But when a free-spirited artist approaches him for a no-strings-attached one-night stand, things suddenly start looking up.

Anya Alves's life is a mess. She's lost her job, caught her boyfriend cheating on her, and if it weren't for the house-sitting gig she just landed, she'd be homeless. On top of all that, her creative muse has up and disappeared. If she doesn't get it back, her burgeoning career as an artist will be over before it starts. But after indulging in a steamy hook-up with a guy who makes it easy to forget her troubles, she gets her mojo back.

The last thing she expects when starting her house-sitting job is to see her sexy one-night stand again . . . living right across the street.


     Two lost souls looking for their true north.  When they happen to be at the same place at the same time.  He is on the spin cycle at the bottom of the sink.  A year out from a brutal divorce that has him paying through the nose and living in his parent’s basement.
     The only positive in his life is his health and strength which he works extremely hard to maintain because it also keeps him safe at work.  So, physical training is important.  Then, there is his work as a U.S. Marshal which he knows he is extremely good at it.  After a tour as a Marine, he knew this was a place he could excel.
     Last but not least, are his friends and partners Lexi and Chris.  That he trusted his life with more than anyone outside of his parents.  Chris and he work-out together or should I say torture each other. Being that Chris and his wife are separated they are at a bar having a drink after a long day.  When Chris bails his kids are sick and his wife needs help.
     As JT is finishing his drink a woman with a fried onion appears on Chris’ stool.  She starts chatting it up.  Her chatter is kind of cute, so he listens and responds a few times until she pushes a sensitive button.  He stands pays and bids a farewell.
     Anya the woman who had been talking to him all of sudden comes running up behind him in the parking garage.  When he turns with his hand on his weapon.  Then is when she realizes he’s a Marshal.  Once she explains how she what she wants, a “one and done,” he seems a little puzzled.  What he really wants is for her to explain.
     He first explains he’s a Marshal and makes sure she knows if she’s a, HO she will be arrested.  She seems offended but assures him she’s not.  She just needs her muse back and to expel her ex’s bad juju.
     Once he agrees things move quickly.  The next morning to her dismay he is gone.  She does find his business card with a note.  Called into work.  But she’s okay with that her muse is back.  The next morning she’s packed and moves on to her housesitting gig.
     After being shown around and meeting a few of the neighbors.  Anya is surprised when she sees a familiar SUV and driver pull in across the street.  And the neighbor she was just introduced to starts calling to her son.  When he gets out with his back to her it looks familiar but it was his arms with the sexy tattoos that make her heart race, her mouth drool, and she held her breath.
     When he turns there is a look of surprise and panic.  Tada! It was, sure enough, JT.  Although this is a good book it lagged for me in the middle.  I like good erotica as long as there’s a story to keep me interested.  This was like the sex was a filler sometimes.
     I give this: 4 stars.  Really 3.5 stars.  Provided by netgalley.com. 
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