Crossing the line has never been so complicated

Home after years living overseas, Lucy Caldwell makes a shocking confession to her best friend. She could live without sex for the rest of her life and never miss it. She doesn't realize the man she's loved forever is in the bar and overhears her alcohol-fueled admission.
Samuel Merrick is horrified when the passionate "brat" he'd once known declares herself frigid. Upon discovering her emotional scars stem from a traumatic event she tried to bury, he vetoes the girlfriends' dangerous scheme of finding a man to help her rediscover her sexuality, offering to fill the role of lover, himself.
What starts as a no-strings arrangement to keep her safe soon becomes an all-consuming passion neither of them is prepared for. Fire burns out of control between them, threatening the very fabric of the friendship they hold so dear. Once the ashes have cooled, will there be anything left to salvage?

“You’re going to do this with or without my help, aren’t you, Luce?”

Her jaw set under his fingers, and she gave him a defiant nod.
He ground out another curse and opened his mouth. “If this is what you really want, what you think you need to get past this, I will be your lover. Me. No one else. Got it?”
Her eyes grew wide, and her pretty pink lips parted as she stared up at him, her expression dumbstruck. Exactly how he felt when he heard the words trip out of him. A wry smile tugged at the corner of his mouth. He hadn’t exactly been planning to say that. But no matter that it was a spur of the moment thing; the steady beat of his heart and the sudden clearing of his head assured him it was the right thing to do. It was the only way he could guarantee her safety. Too many things could go wrong while she was so delicate, and he’d have no way of knowing until it was too late. No way was he risking that—risking her. Not when he could stop it happening altogether.
His grip on her chin loosened, and his thumb caressed her jaw. “God knows, you deserve to have the world at your feet, Lucy, and you deserve better, but if you’re determined to go down this path, know the only man I’ll be offering you is me.”

He's immersed in shadows--can she help him fight his way to the light?

Constable Kelly Appleton's life turns upside down when her partner--the man she secretly loves--is shot. The lines between work and pleasure blur as she helps him recuperate, but frighteningly, his hold on reality loosens too.

After his brush with death, Nathaniel O'Leary questions everything--his life, his relationships, even his recent capture of a serial killer. When ghosts and an ominous shadow come calling, Nate struggles to stay grounded. Suddenly, keeping his hands off his sexy partner is the least of his problems.

As Kelly and Nathaniel work together to right a possible miscarriage of justice, they realize the shadow is a portent of death directly related to the serial killer. Terror strikes when the shadow reveals Kelly is the next target.

With evil closing in, can their love banish the shadows forever?

Temper sharpened her gaze. “Are you even listening to me?”
“You might want to back off,” he warned in a strained voice.
“Oh, might I? And why would that be?”
Nate looked down. The top of her dress stretched tight over her heaving chest, the position affording him a glorious view of cleavage. The peaks of her breasts were so close, if he took a deep breath, they’d brush against him. It took everything in him to take shallow breaths even as his tongue salivated at the thought of exploring the lush valley under the material. And who knew what he’d do then. She followed his gaze, and he heard her stifle a gasp. When she didn’t move away, his body hardened to the point of pain.
She lifted her head and another rush of blood went straight to his cock. Her pupils had dilated, her eyes darkened to midnight blue and a slow, feline smile stretched her generous mouth. “Why would I do that?” she repeated in a soft drawl.
“Because you might not like my reaction,” he growled, mindful to keep his breathing shallow.
Slowly, she lowered her head and allowed her body to drop closer until they were just a sliver apart. “But what if I do?”
Need ripped through him and without further thought, he shifted his knees wider, bringing her flush against his length. She groaned softly and his control snapped. Reaching out with graceless fingers, he snagged her hair, his fingers pulling on the tie holding it back. Blonde silk cascaded forward, the fragrant tresses shielding them from outside distractions. His hands bunched in the cool strands, delighting in the warmth of her scalp under his palm, and he tugged her towards him, the movement impatient.

LaVerne is a Kiwi author writing contemporary stories of romance, fantasy, and suspense, set in New Zealand. She lives in Nelson, the sunshine capital of NZ with her two children and husband and is owned by a rescued greyhound.





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