THE COWBOY'S DAUGHTER (Three Sisters Ranch Book 1)


She’s moved home, but can she move on? 

One night with professional bull rider Trent Campbell had been everything that Kelly Sullivan had fantasized about. Unfortunately, it cost her everything. When she became pregnant, her father threw her out because she wouldn’t tell him the baby's father was his rodeo hero—the hero who ghosted her when she tried so many times to tell him about their daughter. 

Trent Campbell never forgot the best night of his life. It was what kept him going when a 2,000-lbs bull ended his career and almost his life. Throughout his long recovery, thinking of Kelly and wishing he still had his stolen phone so he could contact her, were what got him through the tough days—that, and his bull-headed stubbornness that he’d not only walk again, he’d ride. 

When Kelly returns to Last Stand, Texas, in a last-ditch effort to keep her family from selling the Three Sisters Ranch, she has a plan to make her father proud of her again by turning part of the land into a portrait studio location. Her father, however, has already temporary leased Trent some land for a rodeo school. Kelly and Trent still have the same explosive chemistry, but now the stakes are higher. If she lets Trent into her life, it won’t only be her heart he breaks this time if he leaves, it will be their daughter’s.

My Review:

   This was an enjoyable story of a family and their dynamics.  How wills as much as actions can tear a family apart.
     Yet, there was more than one set of hurts working here for Kelly.  You see Kelly had followed bull riders because her dad did.  Being the oldest of three girls she idolized her dad.  The one rider the followed with vigor was and was their favorite of all time, he was a hometown boy Trent Campbell.
     He was a local boy who made good.  He was a boy who was two years ahead of Kelly and her sisters.  They didn’t run in any of the same circles.  At one of the rodeos, she met Trent. And they hit it off.
     Then ended up having a “one & done” and like all his others he took her picture.  Adding her name and number to his phone so he could call her.  She and Trent did phone calls and quite a few sext messages too.  But when they fell off no biggie.  They both knew their schedules were getting busy due to his rodeo season and her college term.
     When Kelly found out she was pregnant at twenty-two she called and texted many times.  She left messages and even called his manager, more than once.  At six months she had to tell her family.  Yet, when she chose to not tell them who the father was her father kicked her out of the house.  Her mother just watched.
     She just couldn’t add insult to injury to both men.  To her father by losing his idol bull rider and Trent when her father went after him and forced him to be a father.  Especially, when he had already just tangled with the worst of all bulls on the circuit and lost.  Now he was fighting to learn to walk if ever again.
     Now, running into him while she was enjoying herself while with a couple of high school friends, what were the odds?  On the first night home, no less.  She can’t even speak because one she is amazed, he remembered her after six years.  Another part is pissed, thinking how ballsy of him after ghosting her and denying his daughter. 
     See how this reunion goes.  See if the two of them can mend fences.  See if he ever knew about his daughter.
     I enjoyed the enter action between father and daughter.  I just wish at some point the parent would have seen the error of his ways, but as a friend once said you can’t teach stupid.  Just walk away.  You will be the better for it calmer, happier, and taught their children fighting with your hands or with your words are not the answers.  Walk away.  I do feel it would have been nice if this book had an epilogue for there were things that were left undone.
     I give this:  5 stars.  Provided by  Follow us at

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