FORGOTTEN LOVE                          J.M. DAVIES

I'm an ex-Navy SEAL. A wounded warrior with a hard-ass exterior and a checkered past to match. All I care about is my outdoor survival business-teaching others the skills they need to survive in the face of danger. But fate has a wicked sense of humor. From out of nowhere this brunette-beauty with the easy smile and doe-eyes walks into my life...and it's not the first time. Summer doesn't remember me. But she's the one I can't forget. I know that she's in danger, and I'll gladly give in to every protective instinct I have when it comes to keeping her safe. There's a reason fate sent her my way for a second time. Only, this time...I won't fail her. Not again.


       This was one of those stories that grip you at the very beginning.  The author draws you in with the two characters and their story as it is seen a lot from the POV of an arrogant alpha male who is a former Navy SEAL, Rafe.  Believe me, he is too confident for his own good at the beginning of their relationship which you see is due to his training and position of service.
     Yet, as the story goes on you get to see the real weaknesses that come to haunt him and cause him a disservice when it causes him a woman he appears to truly love and cherish.  He can’t seem to allow himself to be genuine and himself around her.  He feels he has to protect and be tough all the time.
     She is not looking or asking for that.  She is looking for someone who will love, share, and is true to her, but especially will not cheat on her like her last boyfriend did.  She is determined to be independent, strong, and a partner to and with the man she loves and expects the same.  Summer didn’t come from a home like that and craves it.
     She can’t seem to resist Rafe’s way of being dominant with her.  How he is a force of nature and he seeks and serves like when he was in the military.  He wants to worship her body, mind, and soul as he sweeps her off her feet.  But he is like a tornado who can take hostages while still believing he is doing it all in your best interest. 
     When he loses his job, he spirals out of control and leaves her high and dry by going radio silent.  As he tries to figure out his next move, yet he forgets he’s not part of just his SEAL team if he wants to be a part of her life too.
     So, when he’s a no show she takes it as a no go for their relationship and she is done, and she cuts bait and bails.  She is out of his life and runs.  Just as he is ready to reengage.  But when she leaves, she says it’s over.  And leaves.  But before he can explain she is in an accident and life changes.
     Now he is but a memory of a shadow she can’t quite bring up.  For now, she has no memory of him and her as a couple.  She is whisked away by her wealthy family to heal.  He has no clue where, so when he runs into her at a small diner in a small mountain town, he is surprised.  He can’t believe his eyes.  He has another chance.  It’s all he can think about.
     Totally enjoyed this book.  The twist and turns
Were good.  The characters were just what you needed for a second chance book.  Just enough angst, sex, and hurt to go around.
     The thing that bugged me is I don’t know if it was my download or the person who typed this copy for the author or the author themselves.  But after the first couple of chapters I couldn’t take any longer it was bugging me so badly that I started recording it.  The errors in the typing were horrible.  Now mind you after the first couple of chapters logged in 1061 and those are just what I caught.  But come one!
     I give this: 4 stars.  The errors alone bugged me that much otherwise a 5.  Provided by 
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