JUSTIFIED (Loveless, Texas #1)

JUSTIFIED                                             JAY CROWNOVER

Case Lawton comes from a family of criminals. So as the sheriff of Loveless, Texas, he's determined to do everything by the book--until he's called to Aspen Barlow's office after a so-called break-in. The last thing he wants to do is help the woman who cost him custody of his son. But Aspen isn't the heartless lawyer Case remembers, and he starts to question his long-held grudge...

Aspen is scared for her life, and Case is her last hope for protection. But to get him on her side, she'll have to reveal the painful truth from all those years ago. Now, as they work together to track down a dangerous criminal, Case and Aspen learn to trust each other. And as the threats escalate, it becomes clear there's a thin line between love and hate... because there's nothing Case wouldn't do to keep her safe.


     Well, let me just say this is the first book with this author.  The way she spins a story is masterful.  She had me right away.  The characters were very alluring.
     The two smallest in stature were larger than life.  They were able to wittingly get the men in their lives to see the logical side to their illogical thinking.  Standoffs not unheard of but never a setback.  They could be loud, stubborn, calculating, and quiet to get their message across.  Be careful of that last one gentleman because that’s when the real, wheels are turning, and they are waiting for your misstep to jump in when you're giving, "You know"…
     "We can’t right now because"…Just know you have just walked into your consequences.   If you don’t believe me ask Case Lawton.  You see for years he has been blaming Aspen Barlow for doing her job.  Yet, at the time Aspen had given Case the opening to hire her since she is a family law attorney.  But he was living in so much anger from the choices he had already made in his life. The person who she considered a friend/hero in high school was now a man turning on her.
     In front of her eyes, he went from the senior football star player who was welcoming the freshman new girl to the school.  To the guy who called her the very name, he used to guard her against from all the mean kids back in the day. “Weird girl” a name, given by none other than the mother of his child, soon to be his ex-wife.  Oh yes, this mean girl just hired her firm to, and they assigned Aspen to the case.  She wasn’t happy but Case had his chance.
     This book is filled with twist and turns of these two.  But also, the dark family life that Case and his siblings, Crew, and Kody came from.  The father the former sheriff was a monster.  See how a town riddled with fear were also victims and how his son vowed to clean up the town and help them heal from his father’s past wrongs.
     But can he forgive the young girl he at one time befriend and see the truth as his own son does?  You will not want to put this down.  I sure didn’t.  I can’t wait for the Kody book now she is a character.  I give this: 5++++ stars.  Provided by netgalley.com.  Follow us at www.1rad-readerreviews.com.

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