THE DEBT                                             JACKIE ASHENDEN

She owes me a debt...and I'm ready to collect!

I didn't go from street fighter to billionaire by being a nice guy. Yet my fresh-faced chauffeur asks me to forgive a debt. Ellie Little needs to learn: nothing comes without a price. So I'll offer her a deal - pretend to be my girlfriend to secure a business deal and I'll delay calling in my investment. It's strictly business. Sleeping with her? Forbidden! But Ellie tempts me to break the rules...


     Ellie is a young woman who is out to help her dad.  He has gotten their car design business which also races in financial trouble.  Her father doesn’t want her four older brothers to know out of pride.  So, he has asked Elle for her help.
     She has taken on a second job in order to bring in cash but also to get near the subject she needs to sweet talk into giving her father extra time to make the business what it once was.  But Ash Evan’s he holds all the cards.  If he pulls all his funds and calls on in his investment money they are done for.
     Hence her job as a chauffeur.  She has also moved from Australia to London to get into the rotation of the many drivers.  Ash goes through because he is so harsh and demanding.  But, remember she has four older brothers he doesn’t scare her.  Not succeeding does, as well as letting her father down too!
     Ash is arrogant, full of rage and revenge for his stepbrother, Sebastian Dumont.  Also, his ex-best friend who together growing up in private school ruled them.  They talked about going into business.  How and what they would do.  Until Seb stole all the ideas and money.  Now Ash intends to repay the favor.
     First, on the list surprising him at the exclusive Billionaire’s Club.  How sweet it is.  Will his stepbrother think so?  The first meet with Elle sparks another connection that irritates him.  Yet, it intrigues her.  He is unlike any of the alphas she has been raised with.  There was one quiet, two stoics, two that are cheeky, and a fun one.  The dangerous of them all is the one who is pretending to be nice but is a sleaze.
     Find out how two invisible children learned to cope in there worlds yet, were able to see each other clearly now.  I love the passion yet gentleness of the characters in just the course of a short conversation.  She brings their pains and heartache flying off the pages.
     You will also fill their growing sexual intensity from each look, touch, and moment together.  I give this:  5++++ stars.  Provided by  Follow us at

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