Returning to Eden

RETURNING TO EDEN                           REBECCA HARTT

Declared MIA a year prior, the Navy wrote him off as dead. Now, Eden's husband, Navy SEAL Jonah Mills has returned after three years to disrupt her tranquility. Diagnosed with PTSD and amnesia, he has no recollection of their marriage or their fourteen-year-old step-daughter. Still, Eden accepts her obligation to nursing Jonah back to health while secretly longing to regain her freedom, despite the reminiscent attraction she feels.

Jonah Mills knows he has work to do. Unfit for active duty, he commits himself to therapy and relies on faith in the loving God who sustained him through torture and hardship to also heal his body, mind, and family.

But as the memories lurking in his wife's haunted eyes and behind his step-daughter's uncertain smile begin to return to him, a disturbing chain of events is revealed. If his memories are truly real, not only is his career at stake but so is the welfare of his small, cherished family.


This was an interesting story. First, you have a Navy Seal Jonah Mills who had been missing for over a year after a mission gone wrong. After going back to the site all they find of Jonah is a tooth that was knocked out and a building that is destroyed. Now over a year later and many months past the funeral, and just receiving the life insurance money. Eden gets a phone call that Jonah has been found. He actually was held prisoner and he escaped. When Eden and her daughter arrive at the hospital she is told that Jonah does not remember anything going back two years. Therefore he does not remember being married or Eden and his stepdaughter Miriam. Right away Eden is taken with how is talking with Miriam asking her questions and wanting to know what is going on in her life. He is also asking about her and though she is leery she accepts her role and knows she needs to help him get well. Eden’s character is wanting to be more helpful from the beginning but her friend who had a bad relationship keeps putting ideas in her head about walking away and that everything Jonah is doing is just a trick. Slowly over time, she realizes it is not a trick that he really has changed from the man that he was before he left. He really proves this when they visit her parents who have never accepted Miriam and after a short while her father is finally calling her daughter our granddaughter for the first time because of Jonah. She now knows the feelings she had before and having now are real. They just need to move on from the other part of the story which is who has been setting up the missions to fail. Overall a good book with good characters. I received this book from I gave it 4 stars. Follow us at

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