WHEN YOU LEAST EXPECT IT (The Culhanes of Cedar River #1)


She was having his baby.

But why wouldn’t she be his wife?

After several failed pregnancies, Tess Fuller’s dreams of motherhood hadn’t worked out—until one memorable night with her ex-husband resulted in pregnancy! Take-charge rancher Mitch Culhane had never stopped loving Tess. Now he has the perfect solution: marriage, take two. But Tess isn’t so sure their love story can have a happily-ever-after…unless Mitch can prove he’s changed…


     Wow, intense emotional feelings when it came to both these characters.  Lived Tess’s life as far as miscarriages but had to wait twenty years until blessed with our full-term pregnancy.  (ours she’s now going to be nineteen in December.)
     We did not luckily, experience all of Mitch’s wild ride, but could understand it.  My hubby is a quiet one so showing emotion was hard.  Caused problems during those tough times.  But we had parents to guide us through, Mitch didn’t.  Knowing how to react is tough.  They have the pain of loss but not the raging hormones from that loss.
     Then, when words are spoken during fear and anger, they are hard to take back.  For some to make amends when dealing with pride as with Mitch.  Then you have the dynamics of the pressure he has of feeling I have a business/home/pain to run and keep it together.  I also have siblings that are looking to me for the right answers and how to react and now so are their children.
     So, when Tess shows up six months after their tryst at the hotel when Mitch had been at a convention he is blown away.  His first reaction is anger, they denial, that pain.  When his machismo kicks in and stupid falls from his mouth, because he’s still angry and hurt it stalls, their talks. 
     He’s still angry and hurt from her walking away from their marriage.  She’s still upset from the fact that at that time he was going to take away her hope.  (By the way, I still don’t think he’s figured out or even identified that was his downfall.)  He asks, “Is it mine?”  Really?!
     He knows if nothing else the true character of this woman.  So, he even knows that was a punk bully question.  Yet, when you continue to read you find out the man has no edit button.  Don’t start feeling too awfully sorrowful for Tess.
     You see Tess is just as angry still for Mitch being so controlling.  So, she starts with, “I want this!”  “No, that!”  “Wait!  What are you doing?  That’s not what I want.”  The CIA wouldn’t know what she wanted between her anger and her hormones that are so whacked.  If you've ever been pregnant you remember these moments of this.  Hers feels like most of the book.
     Let me just say for most of this book I didn’t like Tess until Mitch does the rescue.  Then I start to bend.  By Thanksgiving I am GUMBY.
     I enjoyed this family saga.  This couple is high drama, passion-filled, and most of all they deep down love each other.  I give this: 5 stars.  Provided by netgalley.com.  Follow us at www.1rad-readerreviews.com.

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