FORGET ME (Van Allen Brothers #2)

FORGET ME                                       KIMBERLEY ASH

He's the man she left behind, but never forgot… Laurel Moore might have had to leave her prized job as an assistant chef in one of NYC’s swankiest restaurants to take care of her brother and mother after her father’s death, but she’s not giving up on her dream. Nope. She’s going to turn her father’s debt-ridden, greasy spoon bar and restaurant into a destination gastropub that will bring life back to her small, struggling town. Laurel faces resistance on all sides, but it’s running into her first love, reformed bad boy Jonah Gardiner, that really throws her off her stride. 
Worse, he’s more tempting than ever. Spurred on by Laurel’s rejection a decade ago, Jonah cleaned up his act and became an academic and psychologist, who helps everyone understand their feelings except himself. He can think of a million reasons why he and Laurel need to stay at arms’ length, but when she shares her new recipes with him, it seems like foreplay. And that’s just the beginning… Can he and Laurel seize a second chance or will she destroy the peace he’s worked so hard for?

    This story was such an interesting yet overwhelming depiction of the mind games that we can be placed in by our parents to the point that we can’t see straight.
     Well, Laurel’s father Frank passes away leaving her the family bar and restaurant.  What no one knows at the time is that he has left her severely in debt to numerous creditors.  So, she needs to not only take care of her mom alcoholic brother, and the business but the debt too.
     But being that she went to school to be a chef it has piqued her interest and given her a challenge, a goal if you will.  But when she meets up with HIM the old flame that she left behind it is felt in the middle of her chest.  When she gives him a taste of her baked goods watching him is almost orgasmic.
     So, as she continues to cook, she continues to bring samples to him to try.  He tries to stop her saying things were different that he is a recovering alcoholic now he doesn’t drink, doesn’t do relationships or emotional upheaval.
     Basically, any relationship with her that works for a few days.  But then like magnets there back sneaking around like in high school.  Neither mom likes the other child.  When Laurel tries to change the restaurant too fast the town folk start pushing back.
     Although, Jonah’s timings bad when he tells them what he says is correct and valuable.  But cause a wedge.  About this same time, he finds out some crazy information about his family that causes a mental meltdown.  Laurel, of course, is there for him.
     I enjoyed the tub and pull of this book the characters had real things in their lives that truly effect a lot of households.  The only thing that bothered me was the dry drunk and no healthy support system in place to shore him up.  A lot of unanswered questions.  I hope in the next book it will shore them up. 

     I give this: 4 stars.  Provided by  Follow us at

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