A Rainbow Above Us (Blessings, Georgia #8)

A RAINBOW ABOVE US                          SHARON SALA

Hurricane Fanny left no one in Blessings, Georgia unscathed--including Rowan Harper, the only surviving member of her family. Rebuilding her life now seems almost impossible.

Bowie James comes back to help repair his grandmother's house, but he doesn't intend to stay long. He and his mother were forced out of Blessings a decade ago, and he's neither forgiven nor forgotten those responsible.

But Rowan is kindhearted, beautiful, and lost, and Bowie discovers that he can entrust her with his deepest secrets. If only their love could bring hope and healing to everyone around them, maybe they'd be willing to give it a chance...


This is a very powerful book. Bowie James comes back to Blessings to fix his grandmother’s and Aunt home. Now after being run out of town along with his mother who has since committed suicide. She was raped many years ago and the men who said it did not happen can no longer deny the fact because Bowie James looks like the man who committed that horrible crime. The male family still in town for some reason are still mad at him and want to fight him until they end up in jail. Later the grandmother kicks out the grandfather and slowly what was a family feud with the James family has torn that family apart because of hatred. The other part of the story has Rowan Harper who was displaced because of the hurricane and ended up with the grandmother and the Aunt. You find out that she lost her father but also that her father had been saying that she was not pretty and running off boys for years. Now the healing is starting with her and Bowie. This is a very good and powerful story of who hatred can and will destroy more than just one person. How when you find the right person sometimes the rainbow will appear. Read this wonderful story about life, a very good book with really good characters. I received this book from Netgalley.com I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at www.1rad-readerreviews.com

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