A Son for the Texas Cowboy (The Texas Wolf Brothers #1)


As the oldest brother, pro bull rider Axel Wolf has always worn the yoke of family responsibility. Seven years ago when he was at the top of his career, he gave it all up to return home to Last Stand, Texas, to raise his youngest brother and take over the reins of their massive cattle ranch. But his career wasn’t the only thing he left behind. A chance meeting with the woman he never stopped loving, Cruz, blows apart his work-only life, and he starts to want more than just his ranch. Axel’s never backed down from a challenge, but this is one risk, the cowboy’s not sure he can take. 

Former barrel racer and now single mom Cruz Lopez excels at staring down obstacles and winning. A newly certified physician’s assistant, she’s determined to build her career and create a new life for herself and her son in Texas just as long as it’s far from one sexier than sin Last Stand cowboy, who once nearly derailed her dreams and goals. Only it’s not. Luckily it’s temporary, and Cruz is confident she can avoid Axel for a month except a horrific accident throws them together when they both stop to help. Axel was her first and only love, and now she’s struggling to remember all the reasons he’s wrong when he feels so right. He told her once he never wanted a family. So why is he inviting them both on picnics and teaching her son to ride and rope? 

Axel is her past, but she’s starting to hope for a future with him. Can she trust him when it’s not just her heart at risk this time?


This book was a little difficult for me. Cruz Lopez a barrel racer all of a sudden decides to break up with the bull rider she was seeing Axel Wolf. Axel is shocked because he had a ring in his pocket to propose to her, instead, she breaks up and walks away. Eight years later she has finished her nursing degree and has become a physician assistant. One of the places to work is in Texas and the town where he is from. She does not want to go there but goes and because of an accident immediately runs into him. She tries to stay away from him but he continues to find her and wants to know what he did for he loved her and still is in love with her. She speaks of him not wanting a family yet he left to raise his brother and take over the family ranch. Throughout most of the book, I thought her boy was his until you get to the end so the title seemed confusing to me. She also kept going back to something he said eight years ago but why would he say that and then want to marry her and want a family with her. These were all confusing to me and made for what at times was a good story confusing. This is probably me but that is what I took out of it or I would have given it more stars. I received this book from Netgalley.com I gave it 3 stars Follow us at www.1rad-readerreviews.com

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