Blasted By Adversity: The Making of a Wounded Warrior


Blasted by Adversity: the Making of a Wounded Warrior documents the incredible ascendance of an Army infantryman who survived an IED blast, amputating his right leg and severing his left, and emerged as a key public advocate for wounded veterans. Luke Murphy's injury was the beginning of a remarkable journey that took him from hopelessness in a hospital room to skiing black diamonds in Aspen, catching tuna on Jimmy Buffet’s boat and speaking to thousands at the Pentagon. The book gives voice to a new generation of wounded service members.


An inspiring story of a young man Luke Murphy who people first laughed at when he enlisted and then respected when he had the balls to walk in to speak to the Sargent Major of the Rakkasans and request to be part of their unit. That right there had me hooked. Following him from there along with his training and his deployments. He also takes you through his personal life as well, like the break up with his longtime girlfriend he thought he would marry. He then leads you to the day when he actually survives an IED blast and the long road back from Losing his right leg and left. He takes you through his struggles but also through his triumphs and how high ranking officers of his unit would come through to see how he was doing and others from the 101st. afterward, the journey begins to him going back to school and then eventually becoming a speaker. He would marry and you get to meet some of the people he has gotten to meet along the way. A very good book. I received this book from I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at

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