Devoted to Love (Devoted Lovers #2)

DEVOTED TO LOVE                                SHAYLA BLACK

Her sister’s wedding was hardly the place to find a hook up, but after one look at friend-of-the-groom and special operative Josiah Grant, small-town Texas beauty Magnolia West immediately fell in lust. After a stunningly sensual night together, Maggie is prepared for the two of them to go their separate ways. After all, she’s not a happily-ever-after kind of girl. But Josiah—and danger—change her plans.

Josiah isn’t looking for love…but Maggie rouses his body and stirs his heart like no other woman. She’s got a rocky romantic past, and a smart man would steer clear. But when the murder quotient in Kendall County rises and all signs point to a mysterious group nearby who have been harassing Maggie’s family, he can’t leave her unprotected—especially when he realizes he’s fallen hard for her.

As tension mounts and the menace closes in, Josiah will do anything to prove to Maggie that their love is real…but can they stay alive long enough to share it?


Josiah Grant works for a security firm and is at a wedding for one of their former employees. He is marrying an actress. During his time watching the wedding and the days before he has been taken by the bride’s sister Maggie. He also finds out a few days before the wedding that a corporation is trying to buy her grandparents ranch and won’t take no for an answer. When the wedding is finished and he begins to dance with Maggie they agree to spend the night together. Each has a history of failed love and so they each feel they are better alone than with someone. The night they spend together turns into more nights and when he goes to talk to the corporation, he finds that it is really a cult. Now he decides to stay longer and try to help the family as people are now dying in town because they will not sell their land to these people. Wanting to help her grandparents he is also finding himself drawn to Maggie more and more and is hoping he does not push her too far where she runs. Just when you think this book is going to be a love story it turns into a murder mystery and suspense and back to a love story. Full of action in and out of the bedroom. The characters are all very good and just for a few times when I felt the story drag, it got back on track. It also had a few twists that surprised. Overall a good book. I received this book from I gave it 4 stars Follow us at

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