Operation Devil Horns: The Takedown of Ms-13 in San Francisco


In a bid to take down MS-13's criminal network in the Mission District of San Francisco, Michael Santini, a special agent with Homeland Security Investigations, recruits a pair of hardened gang members and convinces them to risk their lives as criminal informants. Set in a city with one of the strictest sanctuary policies protecting illegal immigrants in America, Operation Devil Horns illustrates how politically correct ideology impacts life-or-death crime fighting on the streets. 

Through the informants' eyes, Operation Devil Horns offers a rare glimpse into the pervasive criminal subculture of MS-13, a gang of Spanish-speaking immigrants that still terrorizes pockets of American society today - including their own compatriots. The case begins with a focus on the gang in San Francisco, eventually widening to include a network that reaches across borders. Santini tracks down the gang's leadership from the Bay Area to the prison cells of corrupt Central American regimes. Eventually, it takes the cold-blooded murder of three family members in San Francisco to shake the American public out of complacency and focus sober attention on a growing and violent threat.

This is the story of a dedicated team of special agents, federal prosecutors, and local police who overcome political and legal challenges to take down more than two dozen violent criminal targets.


This was an interesting book about a special agent and his work on taking down the gang MS-13 in San Francisco. This gang came up from El Salvador and settle in Los Angeles first just as a group of kids displaced from all of the violence from that country. They ten formed on the streets of Los Angeles and started taking over other local gang territories. They were extremely violent and when arrested that violence transferred into the jails and prisons in California, not talked about in the book. It would be a few years later that there was information about them. Now sadly they are everywhere in the United States. Yes, this is a very good story about this man and his team turning two members into snitches with the threat of sending them back to El Salvador and death. Not saying either is right or wrong just saying. The author takes you through the journey and there even is a story of our now Governor of California, who was then Mayor of San Francisco shaking hands with one of their leaders. Now we have Senators and congressmen and women who do not want to deport criminals and sadly some, not all are gang members. Though I liked this book and I think people should read it the gang itself is still around. Having been in law enforcement for over 30 years I still see their tattoos around. Are they still gone from San Francisco I don’t think so but I hope? A good book that shows what goes into taking down a gang. I received this book from Netgalley.com I gave it 5 stars Follow us at www.1rad-readerreviews.com

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