Shark Bait: A gripping action-packed thriller (A John Steele Contract)

SHARK BAIT                                             MATT WALKER

Government hitman John Steele has just completed his current contract, and has the bullet wound to show for it. That's when he meets a vicious criminal loan shark called Gary Brooker. But Brooker has got his own problems. He's picked on the wrong guy. 

SHARK BAIT is an all-action thriller that will leave you breathless, and the first novel introducing Licensed Vigilante John Steele. 

Explosive action. Blistering pace. Gripping plots. For readers who don't like reading. 


This is a story about a government contractor or hitman John Steele. He was sent on a job to take out the Carlucci brothers and then leave. That part is done. On the way leaving he comes across a local loan shark and his goons going after an older couple. Not being able to stand for it he decides to take action and the story continues with him against the loan shark Gary Bender and his thugs. This is a fast-paced story and one that has some twists in it for while he is going after the loan shark relatives of the Carlucci’s are now on his trail as well. So what you have is him fighting against two foes and not getting any help from the police. I actually found this to be a very entraining book from start to finish and if you like action then this book is for you. I received this book from I gave it 4 stars Follow us

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