The Second Chance Rancher (The Millers of Morgan Valley #1)


There's a reason Jackson Lymond left the Air Force, but he's not telling a soul. He'd rather keep things simple, while trying to start a new life helping his older brother on their northern California ranch. At least Morgantown's flirty local bartender can keep his mind off the past--that is, until he runs into Daisy Miller . . .

Daisy doesn't really expect Jackson to remember her. Back in school she did her best to blend in--and pretend she didn't have five brothers who'd hogtie any boy who even looked at her. These days though, she and Jackson might have more in common than just their ranching relatives. After all, they both left home only to return. Trouble is, under the watch of her fiercely protective family, Daisy is longing for some privacy. Letting Jackson into her life could make that even more difficult--or it might be the second chance they're both looking for . . .


The story takes place in Morgantown and is a spin-off from another series. Jackson Lymond has come home from the Air Force and is helping his brother with the ranch from the last book. He meets Daisy Miller who is the florist in town and though she will not go out with him he continues to ask. There is a reason why she says no. What does happen is she needs his help for him to be her fake date going out of town. He agrees and this leads to confusion down the road for both of them when people in town think they are dating for real. She is also keeping a secret from her family and wants his help with that as well. All is good except for Jackson wants more of Daisy to not be fake. Just every time he brings it up they end up in an argument for something he has said. Can she get past his bumbling mouth with the boot stuck in it? Read this good story which has characters from her other series as well. I received this book from Follow us

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