Trashed (Eastside Brewery #2)

TRASHED                                                  MIA HOPKINS

My name is Eddie Rosas, but everyone calls me Trouble. Since I got out of prison six months ago, I’ve had one goal: find my father, whatever the cost. My older brother says I need to move on. He also wants me to leave our gang, East Side Hollenbeck, and go straight, but I can’t—not until I uncover the truth about our family and its missing piece.

One problem? I’m distracted. My distraction’s name is Carmen Centeno. Smart, passionate, and tough as hell, Carmen is a woman from the neighborhood who’s built her career as one of the city’s top chefs. She’s a master of creating pleasure both in and out of bed. But when our connection deepens, how can I show her I’m not the trash everyone says I am?

The pressure’s rising. Carmen deserves a man she can depend on. And when the ghosts of my past rise up, I’ll have to outsmart them—or lose my shot at a future with the only woman who believes in me.


Beginning this second book in the series I knew I would not be disappointed when it opened with I have been home for 6 months from Delano. The rest of the book keeps the pace of Eddie Rosas who wants to be out of the gang but does not know-how. He is still trying to figure out what happened to their father. He would like what his brother has but he can’t even find a job. He does see a woman and for one night it is magic for him. Six months later he gets a job at an Italian restaurant and lo and beholds she is there calling out dishes she is the sous chef woman. Nights later when he talks to her he finds out that she is from the neighborhood and she saw him and his brother every day at the Panaderia, her family owned it. Carmen will change his life as well as him changing hers. Many nights later they are fired but she is okay with that. The story is about life in the hood, trying to get out of the gang, wanting to learn something else but thinking he can do anything but be a gang banger. Carmen makes him want to change, not by telling him because he wants to be better for her. The food that Carmen makes take me back to my wife’s grandmother’s house especially the capirotada ( bread pudding) it took years for my wife to get it to taste like her Nani’s. The words the uses the phases from in the hood and the ones from prison are all real, even the life in prison I won’t tell you how I know, but I do. This is what made the first story so good and this is what made this book good as well. Some of the characters from the first book are in this one. But the story of Eddie and Carmen is a very good story and very much worth the read. There is violence, and some sex, but that is life depending on where you live like I said real. A very good book. I received this book from I gave it 5 stars. Follow us

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