A Cowboy's Salvation (Redemption Ranch #1)


West Morgan knows all about second chances. After bouncing from foster home to foster home, he finally landed at the Rawlings Ranch as a teenager. There he found a home, something he’d never thought possible. Now an adult, he realizes he’s been given much more: a family and, most importantly, peace. But when his mentor dies and leaves the property divided among his foster brothers and his mentor’s daughter, Tara Rawlings, the fragile future he’s built for himself is threatened.

She wanted to be free of her past…

Tara Rawlings swore she’d never end up with someone like her father, a man completely focused on the ranch to the exclusion of his loved ones. She created a new life for herself in San Francisco, running an interior design company and getting married, then divorced. When she returns to settle her father’s estate, she finds that her birthright is in jeopardy. And the only way to save it is to work with West Morgan, the one man she has always resented—and always found irresistible.

Can they save the ranch without killing each other … or falling in love?


A story where Tara Rawlings was sent away by her father soon after her mother died. Having not come back to the families ranch in years and feeling like her father never wanted her having sent her away and taking in foster boys soon after. She gets a call from West her foster brother that her father has passed. Going out to the ranch expecting to have to go through things and take care of the ranch she is taken back when she learns that he gave all four of them equal shares. Now really feeling like she did not belong to her father she still must find a way to help save the ranch. Coming up with a plan seems good and it is put into the works along with her and West moving along to what she thinks to be a couple. She has ripped apart when she awakes one morning to find him gone, and her meetings all canceled. No note, just her other two foster brothers delivering his message which she hears and packs up and leaves. Not having either drive her to the airport but leave. Now when he returns from his weeklong whatever his two brothers give him a ration of his own horse manure. Now he must decide does he go after the girl or stay miserable? It does help him when he finds her father’s notebook. A good story. I received this book from Netgalley.com I GAVE IT 4 STARS. Follow us at www.1rad-readerreviews.com

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