Boss Mustang:50 Years

BOSS MUSTANG                                      DONALD FARR

Of all the legendary names in the history of the Ford Mustang, one stands apart: Boss. Originally created to homologate the new Boss 302 engine and option package for SCCA Trans-Am racing, the Mustang Boss 302 debuted for the 1969 model year and was built in limited numbers for the street through 1970. This book features never-before-seen production and racing photographyinterviews with designers and engineers, and keen insight from author Donald Farr, a renowned Ford historian and Ford hall-of-fame inductee. 
Designed by the legendary Larry Shinoda, the Boss cars were easily distinguished from their less potent stablemates by their race-bred powerplant, standard front spoiler, and bold graphics. In 2012, Ford at long last revived this most revered of all Mustang models. With a new racing counterpart and a modern street version that delivers more than 440 horsepower, the Boss was truly back! In 2013, Ford rolled out the Boss one more time.
In Boss Mustang: 50 Years, Mustang historian Donald Farr offers a complete history of the car—from its late 1960s origins in Ford's boardrooms through its Trans-Am successes and untimely demise in 1970, up to the conception and development of the spectacular, limited-edition 2012 and 2013 Boss Mustangs. Packed with brilliant photography and firsthand accounts from the people who created the original Boss, as well as the team that resurrected Ford's most iconic Mustang for the 21st century, this is the story every Mustang enthusiast has been waiting to read.


This is really a book for anyone that is into cars. The author takes you through a quick history of the beginnings, creation of the mustang and then what led up to the creation of the first generation of the Boss mustang. First, a response to Chevy or GMC answer when they introduced the Camaro. The Camaro in 67 and 68 was more powerful than the mustang so there needed to be a response to add to the completion of the car sells. Enter the Boss. What this book shows you are behind the scenes drawings, photos of prototypes and interviews with some of the people that work with the design, engineers, and photos from some of the races that it took place in. First introduced in 69 and 70. It was reintroduced in 2012 and 2013. With the same intent and detail as the original, you also hear from the people who were involved with that as well. Anyone that loves cars or mustangs will like or love this book. Having a 1986 5.0 mustang I found this to be a fascinating read on the history of the car and people behind the car that you don’t always hear about. An excellent book. I received this book from I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at

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